Opinion | Morgan Liddick: From sinner to saint: Tracing the Democrat’s changing view of Jim Comey | SummitDaily.com

Opinion | Morgan Liddick: From sinner to saint: Tracing the Democrat’s changing view of Jim Comey

Okay, everyone. Breathe. Step back. Don’t embarrass yourselves…

For the leaders of the Democrat party and their intellectual henchmen, it’s already too late. Between November last and early this month most of them had said at least once that former FBI Director James Comey had to go. From Chuck Schumer, who “lost confidence” in Comey early, to John Podesta, who was “mildly nauseous” about his Congressional testimony as late as the day he was fired, they all weighed in on what a low-life, double-dealing, lying, cheating snake of a skunk salesman he was after costing Hillary Clinton the election.

Now that he’s been fired by President Trump, he’s a sainted martyr, stabbed in the back by the president for fear he was close to uncovering how Trump and the Russians colluded to cost Hillary Clinton the election. After the pain of whiplash fades, consider the constant in this about-face: Hillary Clinton was supposedly robbed of a presidency rightfully hers. It’s an assertion no sane person paying attention from June to early November of 2016 could swallow — with the apparent exception of the delusional, mostly Democrats.

Thus, the devolution of American politics. All Democrats, and a small but growing number of Republicans, have been unbalanced by the election of Donald Trump. They will employ any stratagem, tell any lie, manufacture any crisis to thwart the decision the country made November last. The howling mob of the media will demand it. They’ll even lead the charge. To hell with objectivity. The national interest be damned. They’ve an election to reverse and an electorate to punish for the ultimate effrontery of refusing to follow the dictates of its betters.

The facts in Comey’s firing are not particularly accommodating to Trump-haters. First, like all high officials in the Executive branch, he served “at the pleasure of the President,” so he could be dismissed for any — or no — reason. Second, he had recently become the story, rather than the bearer of fact. Third, his public statements had become fraught; he often had to “amend and extend” public remarks post facto, including last week. In short, he was not particularly effective. Others have been dismissed for less. Was his firing inartful? Yes. Was it illegal? Nope. Unethical? Only if one believes team Trump colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election — about as unlikely as Hillary Clinton confessing she mishandled government secrets to hide her corrupt practices.

This doesn’t matter to those blinded by hatred for the president. So expect a blizzard of innuendo, baseless allegations, repetition of unverifiable calumnies whispered by anonymous sources, speculation and conjecture — the whole foul business of a smear campaign. Donald Trump must be stopped and his voters punished, lest they get the idea that their opinions count. Progressives and their allies believe they are creating an American paradise; they must therefore destroy all distractions to their labors.

Consequently there must be chaos. Riots, the more violent, the better. A stymie to Congressional action on any of the president’s agenda items, by any means necessary. A hail of brickbats, verbal, legal and parliamentary. The usurper must be driven out, his partisans crushed. Then everything will return to normal. Except it won’t. If the likes of Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi expect the president and his supporters to help when Obamacare comes crashing down around them, they better think again. When the national debt needs extending once more, will Trump’s fools and rubes out in flyover country simply roll over for more of the same, forever? When the deficit balloons, will they or the president agree to take yet more from the productive to give to those who are not, or will the former finally say “enough?” Trump voters, like conservatives, are long-suffering and generally law-abiding. But they do have their limits. That’s why we have the president we do, not because of some mythic skullduggery by Putin.

What happens when these voters decide that it’s simply not worthwhile to support a system whose leaders deplore and ridicule them? When they decide their revolution involves tax forms, not rifles; blank indifference and non-participation, not screaming mobs? Eventually, the Progressive edifice will totter like the Obamacare fiasco which prefigures it; to whom can its leaders then turn for rescue?

They may come to regret not making an accommodation with President Trump, while there was still an accommodation to be made. Such opportunities do not last forever and when they’re gone… They’re gone.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily.

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