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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: The fix is in and that’s how the republic falls

“the provinces … distrusted the government … because of the rivalries between the leading men and the rapacity of the officials … the protection of the laws was unavailing, as they were continually being deranged by violence, intrigue and finally by corruption.”

Thus, the historian Tacitus describes Rome on the eve of Octavian Caesar being declared “Augustus” by a supine Senate and given the powers he would use over the ensuing decades to slowly erase the Roman Republic, which had lasted half a millennium, only to end in a violent civil war provoked by exhaustion, petty jealousies, spite and avarice.

Anyone wanting to know how these things get started should have paid close attention to the news starting on June 28, 2016, when Attorney General Loretta Lynch, whose office would have had responsibility for prosecuting Hillary Clinton over her emails while Secretary of State, had an “accidental” meeting with Bill in Phoenix, Arizona. According to both, they talked about golf, grandkids and travel for thirty minutes and then went their separate ways.

On July 2, Hillary Clinton dropped into FBI headquarters for an “interview” about her email system. She did not give sworn testimony; according to several officials, the decision had already been made not to charge her.

On July 5, FBI Director James Comey stepped to the microphone in Washington, D.C. and delivered a thirteen-minute outline of the case against Clinton: her “extreme carelessness” in handling classified material; her public dishonesty about what she sent and received; her very cavalier attitude about security. Then he went against precedent and recommended no prosecution occur. Although he did mention that, in future, should any of you peasants engage in this sort of behavior, you’re going to get hammered.

But not Hillary. She’s special.

Later that day, she and Barack Obama, to whom she is joined at the hip, swanned off on Air Force One to a Hillary rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he led the cheer for “HIL – AR – EEEEE!!!” This is public corruption, Clinton-style: big, bad, in-your-face in letters one can see from the moon.


The airspace at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix is tightly controlled. One simply doesn’t buzz in, hang about, take a meeting on the tarmac because one runs into a pal and then toddle off. There are flight schedules, itineraries, advanced planning. And, if anyone thinks the place or the planes can be frozen, so a couple of toffs can chitchat about grandkids, well … there’s no fixing that kind of stupid.

Air Force One is similarly scheduled, and the Hillary-Barry duet had been on the books long enough for the advance teams to have done their work and rustled up a crowd. Hands up — anyone who thinks the President would want to share the stage with someone under federal indictment for imperiling national security?

Director Comey’s press conference is inexplicable except as a message to America: Hillary Clinton could shoot the Pope’s daughter at high noon on Wednesday in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue, and she won’t even be arrested. She is beyond the reach of law.

Yes, folks, the fix is in. The table is rigged, the dice are loaded. This is it: the beginning of the poisoning that will end the republic. We are seeing the curtain rise on the new ruling class, who enjoy immunity and act with impunity where the rest of us are concerned. Don’t forget the FBI director’s warning: to approximate the Roman playwright Terrance, “what is permitted these few, is not permitted to you.” We are becoming, with much misplaced rejoicing, a republic of men, not laws. Such republics do not last long and end badly.

We now only await the final act of the farce: whether or not a late-night pardon is involved on January 19. Among the first of President Hillary’s new pieces of business in January will likely be the payoff nomination of Barack Obama to the U.S. Supreme Court. Call it the cherry-on-top, big kiss-off, slap-in-the-face to all the suckers out there who actually thought their opinion mattered, that their voice would be heard. From that point on, the only opinion and sole voice that counts will be that of Caudilla Clinton; the rest of us will pay up and shut up. Or else.

The most depressing thing is that we’ll do it to ourselves because the alternative involves cooperation among a group of wounded egos who still can’t get over getting beat like a pack of rented mules by a guy who wasn’t supposed to know anything. God knows, that’s impossible — cobbling together an effective opposition out of the spoiled brats who are still trying to thwart the voice of the people is just laughable.

All the way to the open grave of the once-great United States.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily.

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