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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: The knee-slapping hypocrisy of Hillary

Last Thursday, Hillary Clinton channeled Franklin Roosevelt to reassert “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.”

Unfortunately, he was wrong.

We also had to fear another eight years of misguided public policies, economic malaise and blindness to the rise of evil that finally plunged the world into the most destructive cataclysm mankind has seen.

Her acceptance speech was a mashup of shopworn phrases, tired ideas, misdirection and untruths. Critics referred to Donald Trump’s speech the previous week as “dark”; Clinton’s was vertiginous, so many were the head-snapping disconnects.

Consider the following on unity and leadership:

“Our country’s motto is e pluribus unum — out of many, we are one. Will we stay true to that motto?” For a party whose leitmotif is division — racial, gender, class and occupational — this is the stuff of spit-takes. Can anyone believe a candidate promising to continue the policies of the past seven years yearns for unity? Has anyone told Hillary’s “Black Lives Matter” advisors, who think the police are the problem and have no problem calling for their assassination?

“Remember: Our Founders fought a revolution and wrote a constitution, so America would never be a nation where one person had all the power.” Someone ought to remind the her that the man whose policies she admires has a penchant for acting as though he was that “one person” — and constitutional separation of powers be damned.

After promising “an economy where everyone who wants a good paying job can get one,” she makes it clear that she is speaking of the same “shovel-ready jobs” that Barack Obama joked “weren’t all that shovel ready” after he was safely over the finish line in 2009. She made it clear she shared the president’s view that “you didn’t build that” when it comes to businesses, and she sideswiped the financial industry with “I believe Wall Street can never, ever be allowed to wreck Main Street again.” Rich fare, indeed, for someone who has lined her pockets with $24 million in “speaking fees” from the likes of Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank over the past few years. But in the pay-to-play world of Hillary Clinton, these constitute the charmed circle. If you are a neighborhood savings and loan, however, you have a target on your back: Somebody has to pay for all the free stuff she’s promising.

She claimed that “Democrats are the party of working people,” neglecting to add “unless you’re a coal miner, industrial worker or roughneck …” For these, there will only be welfare as they join the army of 94 million working-age Americans who the Department of Labor Statistics says are now simply gone from the labor force and, therefore, of no concern to Democrats. Where were their expressions of concern over these forgotten Americans? Aside from Hillary’s promise to “get it” while increasing competition for jobs, that is …

Probably the most egregious lie of the night was the claim that Barack Obama and Joe Biden had created “nearly 15 million private sector jobs” since taking office. Even the Annenberg Public Policy Center couldn’t stomach that one. They report the real figure is 10.1 million. And no, 90 percent of all income growth didn’t go to the top one percent of earners. The actual figure is 52 percent. Perhaps the candidate has problems with math. Or she decided that since prevarication served so well in her e-mail scrape, she would stick with what she knew.

Hillary’s explanation for economic misfortune is simple: “I believe that our economy isn’t working the way it should because our democracy isn’t working the way it should.” A real knee-slapper to anyone aware of the DNC email dump, in which her sock puppet Debbie Wasserman-Schultz was caught conniving with other members of the party’s leadership to insure the people’s voice was smothered.

There were moments of clarity. One was her statement “that we should say “no” to unfair trade deals … that we should stand up to China.” True, Donald Trump said it better and first, but — welcome to the Smart Trade Club.

Another was a rather offhand comment early on that “Now we are clear-eyed about what our country is up against,” although most evidence is that Democrats are divided on our enemies. The president still refuses to call Islamic jihadist terrorism by its name, for fear of offending. But many speakers railed against the rich. Others excoriated the police. John Kerry, Clinton’s successor, thinks killing your air conditioner is as important as fighting ISIS.

There’s no cure for this sort of blindness, no antidote for this poison, no serum for this sort of untruth. It can only be repudiated, rejected and extirpated from the body politic, with all its works, for good.

On Nov. 8, we’ll have a chance to do exactly that. Mark your calendars.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily.

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