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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: The Left doing what it takes to silence unpopular opinions

“She was looking for it.”

“She got what she deserved.”

“What did she expect, going out dressed like that?”

Before too many people have the vapors, let me say it may not be what it looks. I’m speaking of the young woman wearing the “Trump” shirt in San Jose, California last week who, after leaving a rally for the aforesaid Republican, was set upon by a mob and spat upon, threatened, manhandled and hit with eggs and balloons filled with God-knows what. Cornered in a hotel doorway, she was finally allowed entry by staff when “things were getting serious.” San Jose police officers, standing feet away, did nothing.

Nor did they intervene in dozens of other assaults on Trump supporters, many of whom were bloodied for nothing more than voicing their political preference. Often, attacking groups waved the Mexican flag. It was a confrontation to warm the cockles of the rotting racist heart of anyone who believes that no one in America can have an opinion in conflict with the expressed dogmas of Jerimiah Wright, Van Jones, La Raza and the SEIU.

San Jose’s Democrat mayor Sam Licardo was in full blame-the-victim mode when he pinned the rap for the violence on … yes, Donald Trump. “At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” he huffed. “We’re all still holding our breath to see the outcome of this dangerous and explosive situation.” In other words, they were looking for it …

Sorry, Mr. Mayor. As the chief executive of San Jose, you have the responsibility for maintaining order in your city, not Mr. Trump. Occasionally, that means directing your police force to arrest hooligans beating those with opinions different from yours – even if you think they had it coming. After all, shouldn’t all opinions be heard?

That last was not necessarily a rhetorical question because apparently Mayor Licardo, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others of their ilk don’t think so. Like the planter elite of the antebellum South, some opinions are too disturbing of the social order; too corrosive of the status quo and too damaging to their grip on power and prestige to ever be permitted to see the light of day, let alone to gain traction in the mind of the public. They must be suppressed at all costs.

Thus, we have the shock troops of the Left, from Hillary’s hireling veterans picketing Trump Tower to Tom Steyer’s enviro-Goons in NextGen Climate Action to George Soros’ “Media Matters” hit squads. Add to that a thicket of ènragé groups like “Black Lives Matter,” “MALDEF,” the “Occupy” movement, the Earth Liberation Front, ACORN and the Movement for a Democratic Society. These are treated benignly by the press since the assumption is they are motivated by sincere beliefs and desire for a better world.

Occasionally they are.

Mostly, they are content to wreck what is, in hope that those who come after will have a better time of it.

On the right, the situation is different: Individuals and organizations, whatever their stated goals, are treated by the media with suspicion and disdain — as though the press had become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the IRS or some other politicized arm of the government. Acting thusly, the press exhibits either woeful ignorance of history, dismal lack of balance or complete absence of context.

We are now, like republics before us, at a crossroads. We can acquiesce to the existential threats of allowing candidates for the highest office the use of hired goons and willing accomplices to silence their opponents and of rewarding those demanding ever larger benefits from the public purse — or we must take up the cause against these evils and work to end them … or at least to drastically reduce their scope.

The latter is difficult, not least because most of our political class is involved in the business-as-usual of enhancing their own prestige, power and wealth and won’t hesitate to resort to a lethal mixture of ignoring popular grievances and employing mobs to protect the status quo. But if the republic is worth saving, self-serving power junkies like the Clintons must be ushered back to the boondocks. Wild-eyed utopians like Bernie Sanders must be reminded that in this world nothing is free, even if they say it is.

Potential leaders whose rhetorical flourishes muddy waters which should remain clear must be told point-blank that precision is a better tool of persuasion than scatology. And anyone who uses some variation of “she got what she deserved” must be seized by the collar and pants and given the bum’s rush.

Now, before it’s too late.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily.

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