Littwin: Has Amnesty Don joined Chuck and Nancy in the Trump base’s unholy trinity? |

Littwin: Has Amnesty Don joined Chuck and Nancy in the Trump base’s unholy trinity?

Mike Littwin
Fair and Unbalanced

In the latest episode of America’s Most Embarrassing President, Chuck and Nancy go to the White House to break bread — actually noodles — with Amnesty Don, Dreamers get a reprieve, Paul Ryan’s hangdog face gets even hang-doggier and Ann Coulter’s head explodes.

Not a bad episode all in all, but one that has the pundits, Trumpologists and White House press team in a dither (a word rarely used since America Was Great The First Time).

I don’t think we need a spoiler alert here. Everyone knows what happened. Over Chinese food, Chuck and Nancy and Amnesty Don agreed to a scheme in which the Dreamers would get full protection under the law and a road to citizenship while the shocked Trump loyalists and Breitbartians and alt-rightists and Tancredistas would get nothing in return other than a few border-security throw-ins. The biggest nothing was, of course, the absence of the border wall, which, depending on your understanding, is either a metaphor or a $25 billion delusion.

The White House press team, with a few assists from Twitter Don himself, jumped in with a, uh, range of explanations. The first was that a path to citizenship for Dreamers can’t be amnesty because Donald Trump doesn’t believe in amnesty. The second was that Trump didn’t cave on the border wall because eventually there will be a big and beautiful wall and someone, maybe not Mexico, will pay for it. Meanwhile, we’re doing beautiful renovations on the current wall, which is definitely not a fence and probably not a metaphor, whatever that means.

In other words, granting amnesty is not granting amnesty and not building a wall is building a wall. George Orwell, call your office.

So, we know what Trump did. What we don’t know is exactly why he did it or what it means for Trump’s anti-illegal-immigrant, often-anti-legal-immigrant, definitely-pro-wall base.

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