Littwin: The Donald, he has his regrets (column) |

Littwin: The Donald, he has his regrets (column)

Mike Littwin
Fair and unbalanced
August 19, 2016
Adam Zyglis |

Donald Trump regrets to announce that you should forget about the old Donald Trump, the one who won the GOP nomination by occasionally bringing you personal pain — the worst kind of pain, by the way — and not only when you were doubled over in astonishment at his latest insult-comic routine.

Forget that guy. This is the new, even classier version of Trump (And, for those of you old enough to remember the new Nixon, if it seems like deja vu all over again, that’s because it is).

This is the reset-button Trump whose polls are cratering, whose not-likable-enough numbers are soaring, whose orange-haired popularity is only slightly higher than that of green-haired Ryan Lochte, whose PR team is probably right now putting together a sorry-if-I-caused-any-personal-pain statement. But, to Lochte’s credit, he has insulted only two nations. Trump is working on an entire planet.

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