Mason: Standing up for conservative principles in a rigged district (column) |

Mason: Standing up for conservative principles in a rigged district (column)

Mike Mason
Guest column

Now that the primaries are over, it’s time to consider the alternatives. There has not been a Republican state representative for House District 61 in 19 years and that was because the district had a different make up. The district consists of essentially Delta County (less the city of Delta itself), Gunnison County (less the city of Gunnison itself), and all of Pitkin County, Summit County and Lake County. It’s rigged. It’s Republican-leaning Delta county versus the four other Democrat leaning counties.

The stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Under Obama regulation, debt, taxes and resultant suppression of industry, including starting a new business and the American Dream, became increasingly difficult. Thank God we elected Donald Trump. We now have a continuing choice — more government or less. I’m for less, my opponent is for more, as was her predecessor. I want to empower people with less government and more liberty.

If elected I will do my best to empower parents to take responsibility for their own child’s education and future by allowing valid educational expenses to be paid from the $9,000-plus the state allocates per student for education. This may mean public, Montessori, charter, home, co-op, religious or many other alternatives in education that technology has made possible. The U.S. is mediocre in results but number one in cost per student. A brighter future at lower cost awaits if parents are allowed to choose what’s best. That’s what competition does.

I support energy from all sources, including fossil fuels, and let the best man win. I want to remove regulation whose only purpose was to suppress one option over another.

I support removing barriers to health care options, including allowing tax-free health savings accounts, co-ops, group purchases and purchases across state lines. I will do my best to lower health care cost so you can choose what’s best for you and what you can afford. But don’t worry, I support, and we still have, a safety net in Medicaid for those who are below the poverty level.

Gun free zones are insanity and stupid, as a killer ignores them, and they only guarantee unopposed free slaughter for a time. I support school staff, if they chose, to carry guns and be trained and certified at state expense by our local sheriffs to end the tragedy of school massacre in those critical five minutes before police arrive.

You can not believe how toxic years of rules, regulations and taxation are to realizing the American Dream. I can’t count them all, but I invite you to visit the Colorado Secretary of State’s site to just look at just this year’s proposals. My Democratic Party opponent, as far as I can tell, has limited experience working for public schools in a communications position and for the governor’s office, all government positions. My experience includes military service, a degree in physics from the University of Illinois, 30 years of engineering experience that includes a startup company and two subdivisions. I am currently farming wine grapes, hay and industrial hemp on 300 acres. I am 76, to which I quote Ronald Reagan “I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” I have experienced over and over again the suppressive effect government can have over my own private enterprise efforts. There could not be a clearer choice of the least government and freedom, liberty and jobs that goes with it or the most government with suppression and limitations that goes with that. I need every vote to overcome this stacked district. For more information please visit or and please vote!

Mike Mason lives in Delta County. He is running as a Republican for House District 61.

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