My hometown, my bitch |

My hometown, my bitch

Let me be one of the first people to stand up and congratulate the town of Breckenridge. After years of struggling to establish a reputation as a family-oriented destination, a bastion of good, clean, wholesome slopes, T-shirt and tourist shops, the town gracefully embraced its new image as the ski resort’s bitch.

I was truly amazed at just how easily this transition occurred. After all, the same groups that have been fighting for years to rid Breckenridge of such unsightly traditions as the St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl – an event that literally leaves them puking in the streets – seem to have accepted the ski resorts 2002-03 marketing campaign without so much as a twitch.

And with a headline like “The hill may dominate you. But the town will still be your bitch,” you’d think someone in a position of power would have said something. Anything.

Now that the ad geared to teens and twenty-somethings has been out for about a week, I’ve had some time to think about the whole situation, and even though I’m proud of the town for its ability to adapt, it still surprises me that there were no complaints. You’d have thought someone would have put class over money.

At first glance, the ad appears to me – though I’m not really one to judge since I no longer fit into the “new generation” category – to be degrading to women.

Not only does the headline read like something out of an Eminem “kill the bitch” song, but the rest of the copy pretty much follows suit when it says that Breckenridge’s nightlife is “The kind to pin you down and ask “Who’s your daddy?'”

And yet the female executive director of the Breckenridge Resort Chamber, Corry Mihm, stated that, “It’s important to reinvent yourself for a new generation.”

Well I’m just glad I’m not a young female in the new generation.

The second thing that amazed me about the ad is that it’s so honest.

For years, everyone has pretty much known the ski resort considers the town its bitch, but to come right out and say it, now that’s surprising.

If you scan the headline you’ll notice it does not read, “The hill may dominate you. But the “resort’ will still be your bitch.”

Obviously, ski resort personnel didn’t think being the bitch was funny, yet they thought it was OK for the town to appear in that unique light. Now surely someone from the town would have spoken up, but no one, it seems, stepped up to express concern.

Finally, I might be the only one who finds this strange, but if I remember correctly 13, one of the stated target ages, is just a bit under the legal drinking age. Now the ski resort wouldn’t be trying to lure kids to the slopes with promises of easily obtained alcohol, would they?

Even though the ad says nothing about drinking, it implies a whole lot, and these kids are cutting edge. They know what’s going on.

Rumor has it that if this year’s campaign packs the town with the new generation, in the future the resort will continue marketing in the same vein.

Some of the new ads might include headlines like, “The mountain may not give you any but every woman in town is a slut,” and my personal favorite, “As long as you buy one of these,” followed by a picture of a lift ticket, “You get all this,” followed by a photo collage of kids drinking to excess, vomiting and urinating in the streets, knocking women around, vandalizing stores and hotel rooms and drinking and driving.

Personally, I’m sure those headlines will rack them in. Granted, by “them” I mean every sexual predator in the lower 48. But, hey, a customer is a customer.s


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