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‘No’ is the right answer for Frisco

Frisco voters will receive in the mail this week a ballot with a simple “yes” or “no” response required. Since this page has run a great many letters and guest columns in the previous weeks examining every aspect of the issue, we’ll skip a lot of the details and try to boil it down to what we believe a “yes” or “no” vote means.

It seems clear that Friends of Frisco Open Space group wants you to vote “yes” to make it more difficult for the town to pursue plans to create a neighborhood for local workers on the now-vacant, town-owned Peak One parcel. It’s hard to escape this conclusion, since this group is comprised mostly of people who live in the area near Peak One. They will tell you it is about open space or your “right to vote,” but since we have neither a shortage of open space nor ways to voice concerns publicly, this seems disingenuous at best.

If you vote “no” on this proposal to amend the town charter, you will preserve the status quo and help the town take a big step forward in helping preserve Frisco’s middle class. This is the only other sizable piece of town-owned land besides the Interstate parcel, which the town has earmarked (and rightly so) for retail development.

Frisco has a proactive council and an excellent town manager who are pursuing this project because that’s what the majority of town residents have indicated they want them to do.

Voters should also ask themselves these two questions:

Is it good policy to let Frisco residents vote on all new projects on town land 5 acres or greater in size? Certainly these projects impact quality of life and town character. Would such an ordinance allow citizens to get more involved early on, resulting in better projects?

Or, is it bad policy because it would severely restrict elected officials and town management from doing their jobs, and discourage developers with projects that could provide greater financial stability and more affordable housing?

We believe the town is on the right path and recommend a “no” vote so plans for Peak One can move forward ” for all of Frisco.

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