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Opinion | Allen Bacher: I will reduce the size of the government and support individual freedoms

Allen Bacher
Candidate for Summit County commissioner


I am a second-generation descendant of immigrant families. I am the first to attend college. I am an experienced and seasoned private sector member. I have been an adjunct professor for various colleges for over 30-plus years around the country. I have sat on multiple nonprofit boards over the years to give back and support those goals that improve the life of others.

I have owned in Summit County since 1991. My family has had roots in Colorado since the 1890s.


I believe in a “hand up, not a handout.”

I believe in personal responsibility and accountability.

I believe the resources and efforts of this country can be better deployed.

​I believe “we the people” are the power behind government and that all government has become too invasive.

I believe in the principle of “citizen/servant.” There are far too many politicians “living out of the pocket” of the citizens. “Come, serve, go home.”

​I believe that a commissioner should serve the citizens, taxpayers and voters interests and needs, not a political party.

​I believe that it is the county’s obligation to maintain, repair and pave all collector, feeder and thoroughfare roads.

​I believe in the founding principles and that there is real peril to our way of life. 

 I believe in God and county; and myself, not government, to provide.

​I believe that if you re-read “Animal Farm,” “Atlas Shrugged,” “Brave New World” and “1984,” you will understand what is wrong in our country today.

​I believe that putting children to death before they take a breath, just for convenience, is not an act of human kindness.


Reduce the tax burden on citizens/residents real property owners by 20% over four years (5% per year).

Reduce the burden, cost, scope and size of county government by 20% over four years (5% per year). This to be accomplished by normal attrition, position analysis, initiative and program review for efficacy.

Revise and streamline building codes to promote a cost effective and timely review and approval process. Emphasis on private residences to be built with accessory dwelling units options, and multiple use emphasis for all new commercial development to include additional housing, both to alleviate the continuing housing shortage.

Require major employers to contribute and participate in the building of suitable accommodations for employee head count impact for any expansion or new projects within the county, as a part of the submission, approval and construction permitting process.

Identify and repurpose county-owned land for private-public partnership development of 1,000-2,000 seasonal employee housing headcount needs. These lands have been taken from the tax rolls due to county ownership and, as a result, has placed a greater burden on the “taxpayers” to fund the county coffers.

Revise short-term rental licensing: As currently structured these are the ineffective and onerous impositions despite what should be common sense; no more “winners and losers.”

Never again have an unelected employee dictate unconstitutional restrictions, with the concurrence of the county commissioners, on the citizens of the county and the destruction of private businesses. The declaration that essential businesses are “liquor and drugs” while shutting down restaurants and small businesses and leaving big-box stores open, has proven to be a blunder of great magnitude; in short, “No More Mask Hysteria” or “Political Pandemics.”

Charity is local and begins at home

I will earmark 50% of my commissioner’s compensation ($50,000), as donations and contributions towards the following worthwhile efforts:

  • $15,000 annually; $3,750 each to Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, Family & Intercultural Resource Center, High County Conservation Center and the Summit County Chamber of Commerce. 
  • $20,000 annually toward a foundation for scholarship grants for students attending Colorado Mountain College in Summit County and pursuing business studies.
  • $15,000 annually for need-assistance programs, veteran’s support programs, etc. 

Elimination of food and personal hygiene product sales tax in grocery and convenience stores, as well as pharmacies, by the towns and county, for permanent residents of Summit County.


I ask for your vote in November and will always be available to listen, discuss and act on ideas and thoughts that are productive for all our citizens, not just a few.

Further information is on my website, Bacher4Commissioner.com.

Allen Bacher is the challenger candidate for the Republican Party seeking election to the role of Summit County commissioner.

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