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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: Democrats show deep hypocrisy in Kavanaugh confirmation

Morgan Liddick
On Your Right
Morgan Liddick lives in Summit County. His column appears in every Tuesday in the Summit Daily News.

By now we will have heard Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s brutish behavior as a teenager, or we won’t have. It doesn’t matter a whit.

If Ford gives a sketchy recounting of an event experienced in a drunken haze 36 years ago, Democrats will believe her and oppose Kavanaugh. If she is unable to recall a single detail apart from the perpetrator, Democrats will believe her and oppose Kavanaugh. If she fails to appear, Democrats will blame Republicans and oppose Kavanaugh. No Democrat on the Judiciary Committee was ever going to vote for the man, as they made clear before the hearings; Ford’s accusation is merely a convenient smokescreen to mask their partisanship.

The horror is that Ford’s accusation will shred two lives, careers and reputations in the name of politics. This far removed in time from the alleged event, there is no way to ascertain what, if anything, happened. Memories are mutable and suggestable; both of the people Ford names insist that the event she describes never took place. Add to that her inability to provide specifics about date, time, place, circumstance, non-involved witnesses or other material facts, and we have a case that no sane law enforcement organization would touch; little wonder the FBI received her letter from Sen. Feinstein and added it to Kavanaugh’s file without comment or apparently, further action.

Ford’s motives for an 11.59th-hour outcry will doubtless be questioned, however gently. This is not woman-hate, it is public and equitable process: If one makes a serious charge but offer no proofs or substantiation, one must expect skepticism and close questioning. “Because I say so” doesn’t work here, no matter how much the left wishes it would — at least when Republicans are accused.

One reason to question Ford’s story, or at least her motives, is the “friends” she has gathered, including her lawyers and political allies. Deborah Katz, one of her attorneys, is a Democrat operative who recently characterized anyone working for the president as a “miscreant.” She is presently working with “Demand Justice,” a George Soros-funded pressure group created primarily to derail the Kavanaugh nomination and to oppose other Trump nominees — by any means necessary. Katz has been active in supporting “Progressive” causes and, with the doctor’s other lawyer, Lisa Banks, has been working behind the scenes with Paige Herwig, a former staffer for Sen. Dianne Feinstein, to raise money for Democrat causes. Both lawyers were scheduled to headline a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Sen. Tammy Baldwin of Minnesota, but withdrew when their participation became public. They are partisan hacks, not idealists.

Then there is the source of public information about Ford’s accusation: Sen. Feinstein, who received a letter from Ford in July outlining her accusations against judge Kavanaugh. Feinstein met with Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on his nomination, but asked him nothing about the allegations. She sat through three days of hearings with him and asked nothing. But when the hearings were over and a vote scheduled, what happened? Presto, a revelation by leak followed by orchestrated outrage from rent-a-crowds and media stooges. The whole process reeks to high heaven of a political hit job, using the Democrats’ favorite theme: a last-minute ambush with sexual smears. One might have sympathy for Ford, but her partners in this lynch mob are odious creatures, using her to divide and to destroy.

Are Democrats serious about sexual violence? Apparently not when it comes to co-progressives. Witness their reaction to the unfortunate situation of Karen Monahan. We all know her, right?

For those blinded by Democrats’ ersatz concern for women’s welfare, Monahan is the former paramour of Representative Keith Ellison, deputy chairman of the national Democratic party and current Democrat candidate for the attorney-generalship of Minnesota.

She alleges years of physical, sexual and mental abuse by Ellison. He denies the charges, claiming they are part of some conservative plot against him. But there are medical reports in support of Monahan and other stories of abuse, so her story has some evidentiary proof. The response from the “party of women,” and its partners in the concern industry like “#MeToo?” Crickets.

For those murmuring “well, Kavanaugh’s more important because he’s getting a lifetime appointment,” a thought: This shows you believe women victimized by lesser officials or Democrats are unimportant. Which in turn reveals the partisan sewage passing for souls in some quarters.

Shame on them. They are shameless, but shame nonetheless.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily News.

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