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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: In Democrat World, the left rules through the temper tantrum

Morgan Liddick lives in Summit County. His column appears in every Tuesday in the Summit Daily News.

Well, that was ugly. And it will likely get much worse.

Now that senators, unmoved by the thuggish tactics of George Soros’ mob of Brownshirts besieging Capitol Hill, have approved Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh, expect said mob to vent their vicious frenzy on other targets throughout the land. It’s a sorry spectacle, but one we have come to expect from the petulant children of the left, who still haven’t come to grips with America’s rejection of their anointed candidate two years ago.

They are now stung to fury, so we may expect a high voter turnout on November 6. One can only hope it will be matched by those who, with the Founding Fathers, have an appreciation of the merits of an electorate which is well-informed, reasoned, moral and has a stake in the Republic’s longevity and success. The deep concern is that, if a majority is instead motivated by untruth and fueled by the base emotions of hatred, fear, avarice and ambition, they could burn the government to its foundations and replace it with the most benighted despotism. Last week’s proceedings in Senate office buildings and the Capitol gave us a glimpse of that possible future.

One should remember that Democrats, who publicly hung their opposition to Associate Justice Kavanaugh on the unsubstantiated and — as it now appears — increasingly questionable memories of uncorroborated incidents decades ago, were quick to dismiss multiple well-supported and documented accusations of actual sexual assault against party icon Bill Clinton, and equally quick to quash investigation of party co-chair Keith Ellison’s well-documented ill treatment of the fair sex. Apparently in Democrat World, “I believe her” only works if the accused belongs to the right party. Or race. Or both; it’s evidently a more mutable standard than it seems at first glance.

In Democrat World, presumption of innocence and constitutional protections for the accused are similarly out the window. From Hawaii Sen. Mazie Hirono’s declaration that Brett Kavanaugh was not due the presumption of innocence because he didn’t think as she did about “Roe v. Wade” to the Soros-funded and orchestrated screamers in the Capitol building to those waving signs condemning him for an illusory crime committed before they were born, this is the kind of lynch-mob mentality that condemned the Scottsboro Boys and killed Emmett Till. Which, when one thinks on it, is unsurprising — Democrats drove those tragic events as well.

Democrat World also has an interesting take on unity and gender equality. Progressive Georgetown professor C. Christine Fair says all men should be killed and castrated. The New York Times’ Sarah Jeong, who hates ecumenically, has said many times that men should die. All of them. But she hates white women too, so maybe that’s an example of “balance.” Emily McCombs at the Huffington Post tweets that “all men must die,” then wipes her Twitter account of those tell-tale words. In Democrat World the manhating mob is in full howl. Since Democrats must appear to cater to women for electoral advantage, expect more misandry to make its way into the party’s faithful and its platform.

In Democrat World, justice is not blind. It’s perfectly fine for a group of high government officials to connive with a foreign intelligence operative and a political party to use the state security apparatus to spy on an opposing candidate, if that candidate is a Republican. It’s perfectly fine for the internal security apparatus of the country to look the other way if a presidential candidate flagrantly violates laws and national security directives, if that candidate is a Democrat. It’s perfectly fine to betray a trust; to misrepresent sworn testimony; to manufacture testimony and to insist on chasing every rabbit on the field down its hole and all the way to Wonderland if a Republican is thereby damaged.

In Democrat World, every tactic and maneuver, no matter how foul, is approved so long as it leads to a win for the left side of the political equation. If the right prevails, tantrumizing until Democrats get their way is applauded. If any Republican objects, calling the miscreant a racist, sexist, homophobic, violent child rapist is okay. Nobody in the media’s going to check, after all.

Is this the world we want? Before answering, understand that it is the world of the witch trial, of Joe McCarthy, of the Star Chamber, the “re-education” camp and the auto-da-fé. If these seem unappetizing, there is a clear and simple alternative.

Vote on November 6. Bring a friend.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily.

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