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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: Is illegal immigration a crisis yet?

Morgan Liddick
On Your Right
Morgan Liddick lives in Summit County. His column appears in every Tuesday in the Summit Daily News.

In March, 92,607 people were apprehended trying to enter the United States illegally, bringing the year-to-date total to 238,320. It looks as though that number will grow substantially in April and May.

This compares to 123,003 at the same point in time last year; numbers are going up like a rocket. Consequently, the Border Patrol is overwhelmed. Relief services — emergency food, health care, shelter and the like — are similarly at the breaking point. The social fabric and rule of law is breaking down in border towns from Brownsville to Las Cruces and further west. The only thing that those most vulnerable to these mounting waves of itinerant people who are mostly young, mostly unskilled and in the main, desperately poor, have to expect is more of the same.

Of course, it’s all Trump’s fault.

So says a recent article in Politico written by three Obama-era officials who enforced that president’s border policies — including the famous “kids in cages” business. These three sniff that the president foolishly concentrates on a border barrier when all he really has to do is change the immigration laws, starting with a tightening those regulating amnesty. All of the pressures generated by the current system, which virtually guarantees free admission to the U.S. to anyone who can say “I fear for my life because of gangs,” then disappears. Couple that with a new cornucopia of aid to the kleptocratic regimes of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and we only have to wait for the Peacable Kingdom to commence.

It’s hard to know where to start with a thesis so breathtakingly out-of-touch. It may have been all right for Barack Obama to rewrite portions of immigration law; he could safely halt removals of certain populations, and even confer a sort of semi-official status without anyone saying him nay. President Trump can’t even enforce existing law without 87 liberal judges from the 9th Circuit tripping over one another to stymie his perfectly legitimate use of executive power. And to suggest that Democrats in Congress would even consider opening a discussion with the president on immigration reform while under the watchful eye of the House’s power-drunk Jacobins is, well … It makes one wonder what these men are smoking, and where one might acquire some.

What’s happening on the border is Washington’s fault, but not that of the president. It’s the fault of Democrat congresspersons and commentators, who see more mileage in demagoguery than in solving problems; bewitched by the possibilities inherent in an ocean of illegal residents in need of patronage and protection, they will sell the national interest for a fistful of votes. It’s the fault of mealy-mouthed Republicans who for over a decade demanded immigration reforms and tighter asylum laws but when the opportunities arose, ran from their responsibilities and promises like the sunshine patriots they were. And who now whine about a failure of “leadership.” I’m looking at you, Mitt Romney. And the rest who willingly sell our sovereignty for cheap lawn care and a few mumbled “attaboys.” Or at least no howling about “racism” and similar tripe from the usual suspects on the left.

The crisis at our southern border — and crisis it is, never doubt, because a country which cannot control its borders will soon cease to be a country — will continue to grow and metastasize until no quarter of the nation is left untouched. It will do so in an entirely predictable way as those who see the combination of open borders and an unquestioning welfare state as a foolproof device to finally destroy the state they loathe. To bring these two ends together is a recipe for bankruptcy as certain as tomorrow’s sunrise. Misery, poverty, lawlessness and fear will spread as those who still have the wherewithal to bring a halt to the whole nonsensical business cower in fear of baseless slanders flung by the open-borders crowd. And then …

The political class whose vicious neglect brought the current untenable situation about and sustained it will ride to the nation’s rescue with a package of “reforms” as absurd as those they presented in the ill-fated bill of 2013, or the Simpson-Mazzoli Immigration Reform act of 1986. They and their legislation will promise much and deliver the status quo or worse, exactly as the 1986 law did.

But this time the public sees through the game, and their patience is wearing thin to the point of anorexia. That, in part, is why Donald Trump became president. His continuing efforts against the open-borders claque in congress is why he will be re-elected. It is also why many in congress hate the man. He forces them and their practices into the open.

Thus hastening the day when many may have to seek employment outside of government.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily.com

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