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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: The election’s ugly aftermath

Morgan Liddick lives in Summit County. His column appears in every Tuesday in the Summit Daily News.

Want outrage? At this point one should have it in spades. And not at President Trump’s maladroit but accurate adjectives about the character of most of the American media.

Want outrage? Consider that we are now living through a rerun of the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, including a Democrat candidate who conceded and then decided he would think the better of it. No, not Al Gore. The same county as before — Broward — is the center of suspicious activity, including “discovery” of ballots in cars, former polling stations, office hallways and elsewhere. The tabulation effort is being led by Brenda Snipes, who since 2004 has run the Broward County Offices of Elections into legal trouble for miscounting, forging, discarding, mishandling and failing to send ballots to absentee voters. In 2016 alone, her malfeasance resulted in fines of $150,000.

Snipes still has a problem following rules. Despite clear legal obligations to release a firm number of ballots cast within an hour of polls closing and a court order on Friday to release the figures within a day, she hasn’t, because no one has yet told her how many votes the Democrat candidates will need to steal the elections for the Senate and governor’s mansion. Lest we think this a single and limited problem, Palm Beach county is also suffering from innumeracy.

Then there’s Georgia, where the Democrat candidate for governor seems to have lost despite a concerted effort to find ballots in car trunks á la Minnesota’s ex-Sen. Al Frankin, but still refuses to concede the race. And Arizona, where thousands, not hundreds, of ballots are now turning up in the oddest places. All of these are not problems of equipment, confusing instructions or physical limitations. From first to last these are the problems of political hacks who cannot stand losing and who, when that happens, react like the worst spoiled child imaginable.

Each of those deserves investigation by the Federal Election Commission, but also by the Department of Justice as a civil rights violation. In each case, election officials are conspiring and acting to thwart the civil rights of voters in their respective states by scheming an outcome different from that expressed at the ballot box. A clearer case for renewed federal supervision of elections in these states would be difficult to imagine.

These are serious questions, but they are secondary to the underlying problem. We should be furious because finally, definitively, the left has shown us what it is, and what it wants: silent obedience from each and every one of us. It will seek its goal by any means necessary.

Consider the mob of thugs who beset Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson’s wife Susan Andrews at their Washington, D.C. home on Wednesday last. Self-described members of “Smash Racism D.C.,” one of the many constituent groups of the entirely-inappropriately-named “antifa” movement. These were not protesters exercising their first amendment right to voice a political opinion; they were political goons hired to silence a conservative journalist by threatening his wife, who was home alone during the incident. Nothing says “tolerance and diversity” quite so much as terrorizing a woman in her home.

At least 20 masked people gathered at the Carlson residence after dark. Using bullhorns, they chanted “Tucker Carlson, we will fight. We know where you sleep at night.” They were recorded repeatedly shouting “Racist scumbag, leave D.C.!” and other epithets. There were threats of pipe bombs. Several of the mob tried to break down the home’s front door, cracking it and the frame. Carlson’s wife locked herself in a pantry and called the D.C police department, who arrived after the group had dispersed, having spray painted anarchist and other symbols on the driveway and the home. The police are now investigating this as a hate crime, as indeed it is. It is evocative of the tactics used by the most repressive regimes, and rips the mask off this pathetic band of cowards to expose the authoritarian snarl beneath.

Eventually one of these attacks will misfire and people will be hurt, or worse. What would have followed had Andres had a weak heart? Would antifa have paid for her rehabilitation following a stress-induced stroke? What would have been the result had Ms. Andrews a slightly more aggressive bent and, at the splintering of the front door emptied the entire five rounds of the Remington 870 through it? “Officer, I feared for my life” wouldn’t alter the fact that people were dead on the doorstep. Not that their progressive paymasters would care.

And the day after that? Progressives will have their contemporary Horst Wessel; conservatives will once again be defined as trigger-happy loonies in a Bizarrro-world orgy of smears; we will be more divided than ever and more angry.

Nothing good will follow.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily News.

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