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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: What a week in politics

Another week, another primary. At least the past week was exciting. And informative.

Monday’s Iowa Democratic caucuses showed us quite clearly why most Democratic politicians go gaga for presidential candidates’ promises to offer some form of “free health care.” They can’t count past one, or they can’t analyze numbers larger than the number of people in a room, divided by 12. Whatever the root cause, the delay in announcing results in a selection process in which fewer than 200,000 citizens participated was an impressive display of dyscalculia and disorganization. This is the party you want to trust with your health care? With the national economy? Really?

Tuesday showed the country what a masterful political speech could be. President Donald Trump’s State of the Union message was unremittingly positive and upbeat, with clear goals for the nation in fields that matter for the future: cybernetics, space explorations, pure research, infrastructure development, educational excellence and the like. The impeachment farce?  Nowhere to be seen. The mad Democratic campaign against him? Unmentioned.

Tuesday also showed the true nature of Democratic leadership where Trump is concerned. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s public petulance and comminution of her copy of the president’s speech was a fine example of the virulent hatred that infuses every action her party takes these days. It was truly revelatory, as were her later attempts to make the whole sordid business Trump’s fault. It was a class act, no mistake.

Wednesday saw Trump’s acquittal of the rushed impeachment fabricated by House Democrats.  This was accompanied by unseemly celebration on the part of the White House, which should have treated the Senate’s action with much more seriousness. After all, the latest in a series of attempted coups engineered by Washington bureaucrats, Democratic politicians and their stenographic pool in the media had just been thwarted. It needed far more serious treatment than it received Wednesday or thereafter. This sort of spiteful foolishness needs to be put to bed; the republic is too high a price to pay for wounded egos and bruised pride. Are you listening, Chuck? Mitt?

Friday saw the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals drag the Democrats’ misuse of the Constitution’s “emoluments clause” against the president into the street and beat it senseless. No, not because of the constitutional meaning of “emolument,” but because this is a political, not a judicial, question that must be settled by voters not judges. And Friday had more and better revelations still.

For the 15 people still interested enough — and with strong enough a stomach — to watch, the New Hampshire Democratic presidential debate took place Friday. It was an excursion to another reality: same planet, perhaps, but a different dimension.

According to Bernie Sanders, all of “… American society is racist from top to bottom.” Most other candidates agreed to a greater or lesser degree. Among the “greater” faction was Tom Steyer, who promised as president to establish a commission to “explore the 400 years of American History” and “establish new narratives” because new narratives create new policies.  At least half the candidates said that reparations should be part of those new policies, so if you’re white, you’re going to get clipped to allow the Democratic Party to shower money on others, no matter where anyone arrived from or when. But they won’t write checks to individuals. Instead, look for a proliferation of government programs run by petty bureaucrats to tell 60% of Americans that they’re evil and the rest that they deserve what Democrats promise to give them, to be funded by that productive but evil majority. It’s more pandering, vote-buying and division based on skin color, but no one is surprised to hear that sort of talk from the party of Pelosi and AOC any longer. It has become their habitual patter.

Speaking of which, the party’s chief and obsessive goal was also on full display. Past Democratic presidential candidates spoke of putting the country back to work or defeating the pestilence of totalitarianism or even eradicating poverty — however ill-considered that effort turned out to be. But today’s Democratic candidates bend their entire will to a single fixed objective: to erase the 2016 presidential election and bury the man who won, together with his family. It’s not a good look, but Democratic presidential candidates seem to think it’s a winning one. Nine months and the American electorate will tell if they are right.

Mark me down as a “no.”

Morgan Liddick’s column “On Your Right” publishes Tuesdays in the Summit Daily News. Liddick spent 27 years working for the U.S. Foreign Service, primarily living abroad. He also spent 12 years teaching U.S. history and Western civilization at community colleges in Colorado and Texas. He lived in Summit County as recently as 2015. Contact him at mcliddick@hotmail.com.

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