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Opinion | Scott Estill: Curious George, goodnight George

George is 92 years old. He survived the Nazi occupation in Budapest as a Hungarian Jew and earned multiple degrees at the London College of Economics. Forbes says he is now worth $6.7 billion after giving away more than $32 billion during his lifetime. The vast majority of his donations have been directed towards reducing poverty and increasing educational opportunities to people worldwide, including promoting democratic reforms. He also donated heavily to the Democratic party and causes in the United States.

Members of the Republican party have labeled George as a Nazi with a deep hatred for the United States. He is a socialist with goals to social engineer American society to his liking. He has backed criminal insurrections in the U.S., financially supported the caravans of immigrants hitting the border during the Trump administration, and made sure that Black Lives Matter and other anti-American causes were well funded. He paid women to testify against Supreme Court Justice Kavanagh during his confirmation hearing. He is a radical anti-capitalist who wants to defund the police and watch the cities collapse due to chaos. He is literally the Antichrist and according to America’s favorite clown lawyer (Rudy Giuliani), should have his assets frozen.

In other words, he controls the banks and the media and can use his dirty money to pay for more than mere influence within the deepest confines of the deep state.

Looking out the window, we see another George. He is also Jewish, but a much younger 34 years of age. His grandparents fled Hitler in Ukraine and were Holocaust survivors. He was born in Brazil and subsequently moved to New York City with his parents. He later went on to earn degrees from New York University and worked on Wall Street following completion of his master’s degree. He built a nice real estate empire in New York and started an animal rescue charitable organization. His mother survived the horrors of being in the south tower on 9/11, only to die of cancer a few years later. He is a young, gay Republican. He is now representing a New York district as a Republican congressman.

George obviously has done well with his life to date and has a promising career ahead of him. The only problem, if one may call it a problem, is that very little of his history is true. He left Brazil after allegedly passing bad checks and ended up in New York. He did not earn any college degrees or work on Wall Street. He never established a charity. He owns no real estate. His grandparents were nowhere near Nazi Germany and his mother was in Brazil during the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York. He is broke and an investigation is pending to determine who financed his campaign (and how).

Both Jewish Republicans in the House have called for George to resign, as have many other Republicans. The Republican party of Nassau County, where George’s district resides, has also called for his immediate resignation.

The most important Republican in the House, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, doesn’t see it the same way. Instead of asking for George’s resignation, he rewarded George with positions on the Science, Space and Technology committee, along with the Small Business Committee. Really. While Mr. McCarthy had some “concerns” about George’s resume, he was not concerned enough to withhold his support of George, both before and after the cascade of lies were publicly revealed. George voted for Kevin for Speaker 15 times so Kevin makes sure, for the good of the country of course, that George gets to continue to play in the Republican sandbox. Recently, Kevin was quoted as saying “integrity matters.”

One is George Soros. The other is George Santos.

If politicians of any political party wonder why the American public has lost faith in the American government, this is the case study to begin with. It is abundantly clear that Mr. Santos has no business in Congress. Embellishment is one thing; outright lies and falsities are something completely different.

And with this column, I am announcing my campaign to take on Congressman Neguse in Colorado’s 2nd District in 2024. I believe my resume is more than impressive, if I do say so myself! My parents survived the Hindenburg blimp disaster and later successfully ran a small business that later turned into a hamburger restaurant franchise operation. I was a National Merit Scholar and won a silver medal at the Vienna Olympics. I worked night and day to support myself during my days at Yale Law School and earned every bit of my subsequent clerkship with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Frankfurter. Since then, I have published 16 books, including one that received the Pulitzer Prize in investigative journalism.

And to my Speaker friend Kevin: No need to check the accuracy of my resume. Apparently, the Democrats won’t check, so we should be good to go here. I promise I will vote for you for leadership in 2024 based upon your integrity and ethics if you support me in my bid to unseat Congressman Neguse. This is the way the game is played today, no?

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