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Opinion | Susan Knopf: Don’t make me laugh

Susan Knopf

Let me give you three good reasons to contribute to the Democratic Senate campaigns of Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock in Georgia.

  • Incumbent Republican Georgia Sen. David Perdue compared the “Democratic agenda” to the failed governments of Russia and Cuba. Don’t make me laugh. Perdue is the same guy forced to take down an anti-Semitic campaign ad and made fun of Kamala Harris’ name calling her “mala mala … whatever.”
  • The Republican in the other Georgia Senate race is a QAnon supporter. She told us she’s not familiar with the “Access Hollywood” tape. Don’t make me laugh. Maybe I’ll cry.
  • Mitch McConnell, the self-described “Grim Reaper” has 300 bipartisan House-passed bills sitting on his desk. Mitch defined Republicans as the  party of “no.”

If you want to see positive change, Democrats need to win the Senate!

For the record, the Democrats are not trying to establish socialism or communism. Democrats would like to see us resume our place of respect on the world stage: working first to defeat COVID-19 with a coherent plan, then getting Americans back to work.

To be competitive, our American workers must be as healthy and well-educated as their global competitors. We are not a leader in health care nor education. If you want to keep America great, we need healthy citizens and good education. And we must care for the planet we all share.

If you are a conservative, I suggest you figure out what you want to conserve. You might be a Democrat. The Democrats want to conserve our beautiful garden planet. Democrats are working to conserve your Social Security and Medicare, which the Republicans continuously try to cut. The Democratic Party wants to protect the health and welfare of all citizens and those who aspire to be citizens. Republicans were in front of the Supreme Court this week trying to rob us of health care.

The COVID-19 pandemic should send a strong message to everyone. We each pay with our health, and our lives, when we fail to provide basic affordable health care to all.

What do you want to conserve?

Colorado Springs Republican State Rep. Dave Williams decided his political ideology is too pure to work with Democrats. Williams was being tapped to be the No. 2 leading the Colorado Republican Caucus. He declined. He told Denver 9News, “My fear is that with this leadership, we might actually have our party go more left, that you might see more compromising and more cooperation with Democrats in areas we should not be cooperating.”

When you’re outnumbered in the state Legislature 2-to-1, you wouldn’t want to cooperate with the majority party. Voters might think you are working for better government that serves the people.

What do you want to conserve?

I want to conserve my country. I want to bring back the same cooperation and compromise that gave us our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers left hard choices on the cutting room floor: votes for women, rights for people of color. These were dramatic compromises, we eventually corrected. The compromises were necessary “to form a more perfect union.”

The president and his administration can show respect for our Constitution by working graciously with the president-elect. They can do so while continuing election objections. Those objections are considered meritless and not likely to change outcomes. It’s time to put aside absurd rhetoric, scary and offensive conspiracy theories and find our way back to the negotiating table.

Some things aren’t negotiable. President-elect Joe Biden told us this week that wearing a mask is not a political statement. Dr. Anthony Fauci and lots of medical experts have been telling us that for months. On Monday, Colorado Republicans gathered to elect their officers, and only one Republican was wearing a mask. The Republican Caucus Leader Rep. Hugh McKean said, “It’s everybody’s choice what they do.”

No, it’s not! It’s not OK. Your choice infects our people and forces us to close our businesses. It’s crazy that Republicans talk about opening up the economy and then make personal choices that close the economy.

What do you want to conserve? I chose to conserve my health. Please wear a mask.

Susan Knopf’s column “For the Record” publishes biweekly on Fridays in the Summit Daily News. Knopf lives in Silverthorne. She is a certified ski instructor and an award-winning journalist. Contact her at sdnknopf@gmail.com.

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