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Opinion | Susan Knopf: Stay calm and carry on

Susan Knopf

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that so many of our citizens have been listening to Fox commentators, OAN, Newt Gingrich, Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh. The fake, the malicious and repugnant have become more ubiquitous than truth.

On election night, Van Jones told the CNN audience that people are sad tonight. They hoped for a repudiation of this president, and that didn’t happen. He said we may have achieved a political victory, but we did not get the moral victory for which we hoped.

I know a lot of you will see that as vindication. I’m sorry. It isn’t. I’m not sure what all this means.

A large swath of our country prefers to believe hateful lies. Look no further than the election of Lauren Boebert, a QAnon subscriber and promulgator, in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. She literally said she hopes QAnon is true. For the record, she hopes that Democrats are pedophiles who traffic in children and drink their blood. Please don’t waste your time or mine writing me to say you don’t know what QAnon is. Google it.

Hysteria is sweeping through friend and family groups: Democrats are going to jack up taxes, take away tax-free gifting. Get a grip. Take a look at the Obama administration. Joe Biden was the right-hand guy. He didn’t take away the guns or jack up the taxes. Stay calm and carry on. Ignore Wall Street hysteria. They always get over themselves eventually.

We need to move on down the road. Biden said it best the day after the election: “I will work as hard for those who didn’t vote for me as I will for those who did vote for me.”

He said the job of president is a nonpartisan job. That would be refreshing!

If you make $400,000 or less, you won’t pay more taxes. Awesome! Trump lowered my tax rate but took away tax deductions that were worth more money. My taxes went up a lot.

We can finally pass a COVID-19 aid package! Remember Moscow Mitch was too busy shoving through the sixth conservative on the U.S. Supreme Court to bother thinking about whether you can pay your rent and put food on the table during a pandemic.

We can rebalance the Supreme Court to represent the judicial expectations of the majority of our citizens. Six Catholics? Is that representative of our country? I love my Catholic friends and family members, but they comprise just 23% of our population. Catholics comprise 67% of the court. The issue is the Catholic Church does not support gay marriage, birth control or abortion.

Nearly 70% of Americans are in favor of choice. We now have a Supreme Court that does not embrace current U.S. law and doesn’t represent the general outlook and beliefs of Americans. It has been a time-honored tradition to maintain a balanced court. Just one of many uncodified traditions Trump discarded.

And perhaps most controversial of all, it’s time to look at the First Amendment. Pretty strange for a journalist to call for a closer examination of freedom of speech. For the record, you cannot yell “fire” in a crowded theater. There always have been limits on free speech. In Europe, Holocaust denial is illegal criminal speech. That’s why Holocaust deniers publish their books in the U.S.

When I was a TV news reporter, TV stations refused to run ads that contained falsehoods. I love that 9News does a truth test, and they run stories refuting ads. How about if they didn’t run the ads at all? What if any person intentionally promulgating false information is liable for criminal charges, consequential damages? Just imagine what our world would look like.

The guys I lamented about at the beginning of this column just couldn’t say that s— unless they want to pay a big fine, or possibly go to jail. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to apologize for all the folks who have lost their moral compass because they believe Democrats are running a pedophile ring out of a pizza restaurant.

And for the record, Fox News did a great job on election coverage.

Susan Knopf’s column “For the Record” publishes biweekly on Fridays in the Summit Daily News. Knopf lives in Silverthorne. She is a certified ski instructor and an award-winning journalist. Contact her at sdnknopf@gmail.com.

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