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Opinion | Susan Knopf: Vote in the June 28 Democratic primary

For the Record June 28 is Election Day.

You’ve got your ballot. Now you’ve got to vote. Registered Democrats and unaffiliated voters both may cast a Democratic primary ballot. Cast your vote in one of five ballot boxes found in the county before 7 p.m. on June 28.

  • SILVERTHORNE: Summit County North Branch Library: 651 Center Circle
  • FRISCO: Summit County Commons: 0037 Peak One Drive
  • FRISCO: Town Hall: 1 Main St.
  • BRECKENRIDGE: Summit County Old Courthouse: 208 East Lincoln Ave.
  • DILLON: Town Hall: 275 Lake Dillon Drive

You won’t find a lot of choices in the Democratic primary.

There are good ways to get information on elections. Friends and ads may be good places to start, but don’t stop there. Do some research. The Summit Daily News has statements from the competing local candidates.

If ever there has been a time to question your sources of information, this is it. More than 800 people have been charged with crimes stemming from the Jan. 6 attack on our Capitol. The Congressional Committee investigating Jan. 6 — and facts leading up to the attack — have established through the former president’s friends, family and advisors that he absolutely understood he lost the election, but he persisted with repeated attempts to halt the count of Electoral College votes.  

I bet those facing criminal charges wished they had considered more information and sources before acting. The sad thing is persistent rants of a stolen election insult Republican and Democratic public servants across our country; more than 60 courts aren’t wrong. How can anyone persist in insulting our neighbors who serve as bipartisan election judges?

This local contested Democratic primary has politically divided the community. I’ve been surprised that some local influencers have chosen to follow the company line — rather than be curious. Why would local members of the same party challenge incumbents? Few locals are driven by zeal for power. Most are driven by the same thing that drives first responders and military members: service. Term limits don’t mean you lose your job, unless a successor fires you. 

Be curious. Ask good questions. Your vote matters. We make these decisions collectively, and they have long-reaching consequences.

One of the first columns I wrote for this paper detailed how big business persuaded voters to vote against their best interests in the 2016 election. Those forces are at work again trying to get us to vote against competition in a capitalistic economy. Imagine that!

U.S. Senate Bill 2992 seeks to create a level playing field for all businesses on the web. Tech monopolies want to you to believe Congress is purposely trying to raise your cost of living and reduce the quality of services you receive. Nope.

For the record, “The Center for American Progress endorses the American Innovation and Choice Online Act and the Open App Markets Act. (The Center for American Progress) urges Congress to take meaningful action to enhance consumer choice and competition online by passing these bipartisan bills into law this summer.”

I definitely read some concerns. I would rely on U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar and the bipartisan group that are working on this bill to do their best and insure fledgling American businesses get a fair shake from the big guys. Don’t believe the big tech ads.

You might also want to take a pass on a Democratic ad trashing a Republican who apparently works across the aisle. What? In this fierce election season apparently Democrats across the country are trying to tip Republican scales so they can pick who they run against in the fall. Dems aren’t the only ones who do this. It’s ugly either way.

Speaking of turnabouts, The Pad will be presenting some great turnabouts in its salute to LGBTQ Pride Month. Four professional drag queens will “turn” six local straight guys. Should be an amazing show. Summit County hunks meet the Bird Cage (La Cage aux Folles).

It seems so appropriate to tag this political column this way. You remember what happens to Senator Kevin Keeley in the Bird Cage? Wouldn’t it have been great to see the Democratic incumbents in drag? Now that would have been one for the record.

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