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Quandary: How to get back your wayward possessions from the Summit Stage

Courtesy and patience can go a long way as a bus patron, and if the driver tells you something — like not to drink a beer — don't aruge, just listen.
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Dear Quandary,

I have a couple questions about the Summit Stage: Why can’t I have a beer on the bus? And who can I contact if I lose something on the bus?


Party bus pal

My friend, it sounds like you must have had one rough night, only beat out by the bus driver, I’m sure. First off, you might want to send a thank you, or apology, letter to whoever was driving. I’m not saying I know what went down on your grand adventure with the Stage, but judging by the questions, it was probably loud and bothersome.

Beer and buses don’t mix for the same reason that you can’t pop open a cold one whilst sitting in the passenger seat of your buddy’s Prius. Open container laws forbid you from drinking in a vehicle, unless the driver is in a separate cabin. I know what you’re thinking: I have to go behind the line, that’s basically a separate cabin. Well, I’m sorry, but close doesn’t cut it in this instance. Now, if the Stage ever figures out how to set up one of those fancy partitions like they have in limos feel free to pop the Prosecco, but then again, wouldn’t that make the whole process a lot more difficult? And as fun as a bus driver’s job is, why add that much stress? So for now it seems as though your libations will just have to wait until you get home. After all it is perfectly legal to shove a 12 pack in your backpack for back-porch drinking, just don’t pop the top until after your stop — careful on the whole public consumption idea, too. In case you didn’t want the good times to stop with a six pack, you should also know vaping and smoking are illegal, and being too big of jerk — violent or threatening behavior — will also leave you walking.

Again, I’m not sure how your Summit Stage adventure went down, but depending on what you lost, your best bet is to call the Summit Stage at (970) 668-0999. What’s that, you lost your phone? Well, you’d better hoof it out to the County Commons sometime between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. to talk to the staff. The actual address of the office is 0222 County Shops Road, Frisco.

Here’s where I have some possible world-altering and very disappointing news for you though: If you forgot your favorite jacket on the bus, don’t expect it to stop the route and come deliver. Chances are your reunion will have to wait until the bus comes home for the night since the Stage will rarely make inquiries about lost items over the radio — the radios are state-monitored so they try and keep chatter to a minimum, but rest assured as soon as that bus docks, the search is on for your prized possessions. However, depending on what bus you were on, it might not find its way home until 2 a.m. so start working on your Zen attitude and be glad you still have beer left for the waiting game.

Quandary, an old and wise mountain goat, has been around Summit County for ages, and has the answers to any question about life, love and laws in the High Country. Have a question for Quandary? Send an email to quandary@summitdaily.com

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