Response to Liddick’s On Your Right |

Response to Liddick’s On Your Right

Response to Liddick’s On Your Right

I want to read Morgan Liddick’s columns. I start but more often than not there is a misstatement or a twisting of the facts to support his agenda. It doesn’t take long before I give up and toss the article. Tuesday, Feb. 28’s column, second paragraph, was a good example. Quoting Morgan from that day he says Ever Valles “was released on Dec. 20 despite pleas from Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.” Webster defines “plea” as a request made in an urgent and emotional manner.

In reading multiple write-ups on this story I never found the word “plea.” ICE had submitted a request that if this individual should be arrested they would like to be notified before his release. “Pleas” implies multiple passionate requests. There is also the suggestion of an “ask” and a “denial.” Nothing of the sort happened. Morgan is just embellishing the story to rant about his sanctuary city threat.

To be clear I’m not a fan of sanctuary cities. The Denver Sheriff’s Office did their job of notifying ICE. The effort was not perhaps their best. I think they should have gotten a response or maybe followed up with a phone call. I can’t second guess. I don’t know what the contact history has been in the past. Maybe the department was short staffed that night. But to take this incident and manufacture a political theme is irresponsible.

I can’t be certain but I’m pretty sure these were employees just doing their job with without any intent of trying to make a political statement. Playing loose with the facts and rarely citing a source is the reason Morgan gets so little of my time.

Bradford Farrar


Fear based on fiction

Rather than demonize all immigrants with a broad brush by cherry-picking a few anecdotal incidents of crimes (“No sanctuary for the slain,” Feb. 28), perhaps conservative columnist Morgan Liddick should look at the bigger picture of gun violence in this country. Because, actually, immigrants — especially illegal ones — commit fewer crimes than the general population. Guns, however, are involved in more than 33,000 deaths annually in this country, and, yes, statistically, a very small portion of those are wielded by illegal immigrants, although most are in the hands of good ol’ ‘mericans. But rather than address the real problem, Liddick disingenuously would prefer, as usual, to malign all of those people dark skin. He and other conservatives live in and promote unrealistic fear based on the wrong things.

Mike Flynn


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