Ruth Hertzberg: We need ammo control |

Ruth Hertzberg: We need ammo control

Ruth Hertzberg,
Copper Mountain

This column was one of the most ridiculous I have read in a long time. It not only proposes no solution to the problem of weapons of deadly destruction in the hands of mentally ill killers, but blames society in general for the existence of such killers.

Yes, there was a mass murder in a movie theater in Aurora last Friday. It was committed by an obviously deranged individual who was carrying four guns with which to carry out the dreadful deed.

Yes, Mr. Morgan Liddick, any fool can see the guns as well as the individual are responsible for the deed. If the individual had only carried 10 rounds instead of a 100-round clip, he might not have been able to kill 12 and injure 59 others, including a baby. Maybe the time has come to control the purchase of ammunition and the sale of 100-round clips. That is ammunition control, not gun control. That is the only sensible measure for a society that does not want its innocents cut down by a crazed murderer.

We do not yet know why these particular murders were carried out. We can only hypothesize as to why the particular individual’s apartment was booby-trapped with all sorts of explosive devices.

We certainly cannot say it’s society’s fault because of the emphasis we place on the importance of the individual. Part of the path to adulthood is realizing that one is not the center of the universe. It is certainly a “cop-out” to blame the permissiveness of society.

It would certainly be sensible to acknowledge the role of deadly weapons in carrying out heinous crimes and limit their purchase. Such an action might save the lives of innocent people. That is the only possible response to such a “senseless incomprehensible” act as has been uncommitted.

Anyone who does not advocate reasonable measures to prevent horrible mass murders is saying that he or she wants a lawless society where deranged individuals can freely attack others for any reason. Surely we can do better than that.

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