Sexual relations: Not all males are unmotivated bums |

Sexual relations: Not all males are unmotivated bums

A recent day, I was sitting at the bar of a local watering hole in the village of a local resort. I was asked by a colleague of mine to join a group of young women.

These five women were discussing what seemed like the plot of yet another ridiculous reality TV show. I imagined this horrible show bearing the title “Sex and the County.” Actually, one of the women was asked by a local publication to write an article about dating in Summit County.

I quickly became a fairly quiet observer, a role for which I had honed my skills during five years of living on the road. Prior to moving to Summit County a few months ago, I had traveled throughout the U.S. managing hotel renovation projects. This means I lived in hotel rooms, and had frequent dinners for one, unless, of course, you count the bartender. In each destination I preferred to observe a bit before interacting heavily.

The five women differed greatly from one another. One, who worked in the lodging world, was boisterous and quite humorous. The woman who spouted off the most opinions in regard to dating in Summit County was actually in the midst of a six-year relationship, so I listened to her with intense skepticism.

Two to whom I did not get to speak too much, seemed to direct most of their opinions solely to the other three women. The fifth woman was the public relations specialist researching her pending article. She possessed indescribably unique features that caused her to exude appeal, but she was very quiet – meaning she neither acknowledged me, nor spoke to me.

Although everything I’ve read regarding this topic suggests that the Summit County male is at a great disadvantage due to the poor ratio of females to males, these women denied this “fact.” They each claimed the “bad-ratio theory” was nothing more than myth.

Even if it was a truth, they proposed the quality of the local women was far higher than the quality of the local men. In their minds, the women in county are, if generalized, highly intelligent, highly motivated, highly skilled athletes.

The men, however, are flat out drunken, casual-sex-seeking, unmotivated, losers. Granted, there are dirty, pants-around-the-bottom-of-their-behinds-wearing, backward-hat-wearing, unmotivated, uncouth drunken punks around the county, but their female counterparts surely exist as well.

It has become common to say that a guy in Summit County does not date a gal, but rather “takes a turn.” If these guys are truly taking a turn, it must be with one of their female clones.

These chicks are the ones who look just as unkempt as the dudes, and typically pack their athletic behinds into ill-fitting low-rise jeans. These gals force me to conjure up images of Southern plumbers I used to hire. Then again, maybe it isn’t so bad when one of the higher end “ends” smiles back at you from just above denim waistband.

I suppose what irked me most was the immediate assumption all the males in the county were unmotivated bums. I am a 32-year-old male with many years of successful upscale hotel management and hotel renovation management experience. My decision to move to Summit County was based on personal, as well as professional, goals.

The plan I am following is simply one where I enjoy the beauty of the environment, and all it has to offer while continuing to advance my career. I didn’t come here to take turns on the drunken immature chicks in bad jeans.

I have dated women in numerous cities during my travels throughout the U.S. and have learned to avoid placing judgment and generalizing whenever possible. It is always best for me to follow my gut, but give people the benefit of the doubt initially. I have met the good, the bad and the nasty in every city. The few judgments I am not afraid to make involve locations as much or more than just the people in those locations. They are as follows:

n Most of Florida (not to mention its residents) is worthless – especially the Gulf Coast (redneck), Miami (both the cheesiest and nastiest place), and Orlando (just try to spend four months with Mickey as your neighbor).

n Dallas and its residents are far less cosmopolitan than they claim to be.

n Knoxville, Tenn., is the sorriest imaginable excuse for a college town.

n Alexandria, Va., has the highest IQ per capita of the places to which I traveled.

n White Plains, N.Y. (not to mention its residents) has no redeeming qualities other than the 36-minute train ride to Grand Central.

n Hilton Head, S.C., sucks in the winter.

n The Broadmoor belongs somewhere better than Colorado Springs.

n Atlanta still has a lot of “old” in its “New” South.

n Eagle and Summit counties are still nice in mud season.

The important thing I have learned is that although I took a step back to find a job here in Summit County, I still wake up and look out my window at the mountains with a big smile-even if I usually am alone. On the off chance the mountain view doesn’t work, I’ll just think of the quiet girl.

The author lives at Copper Mountain.

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