Summit County letters: Support for Zinke’s privatization plans for public land |

Summit County letters: Support for Zinke’s privatization plans for public land

Support for Zinke’s privatization plans for public land

Re: Ryan Zinke’s desire to further privatize federal campgrounds raises concerns, June 20

Given the state of economics education in the government schools, it is not a surprise that Jeremey Nichols of WildEarth Guardians states, “Companies are there to make money and collect fees, but are not necessarily investing in the campground, customer service is not the No. 1 priority and it’s not about the camper.” It is extremely obvious he knows nothing about why capitalism works so well.

Companies must satisfy the customer if they want to survive, regardless of the business they are in. If they don’t, they will have no customers and the company will meet its demise. If they are good at it, putting out a desirable product at a reasonable price, customers will flock to them and yes, they will prosper.

Governments, on the other hand, have no financial incentive to please the customer, which is why there is such a backlog in maintaining the campgrounds. It is beside the point that governments should not be in the recreation business, or any other business. Ryan Zinke is right to try to privatize as many businesses as he can. Capitalism works and communism doesn’t.

Terry W. Donze

Summit County

Russia: Destroying us from within

In 2013, a group of us from Summit County went on a Russian cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Our Russian guides explained to us that Russia was a country of leaders, rather than a country of laws, as is the United States. From the tsars to the communist leaders, their country has had a tumultuous history because the country is run according to the whims of an autocratic ruler. The U.S., by contrast, has had a more consistent history because the law of the land remains while leaders come and go. Our guides told us tales of extreme corruption. The cars had video cameras so that they could record accidents because the police could be bribed to assign liability to you. One guide, Elena, explained how she had to bribe her doctors when she had her baby. Is this a country to emulate?

In the 1950s, families built bomb shelters to shield us from the Red Menace attacking from the skies. Now, the Russians are attacking us from within.

This time, they are winning. Recently, a Republican senator was asked about the Russian interference in our election at a telephone town hall meeting. He said that the Russians were now interfering in the elections of many countries, as if such interference were “normal” now. But is it normal that the candidate of a democratic country publicly asks Russia to interfere? Is it normal that the president of a democratic country holds in high esteem the despots that run non-democratic countries? We are more afraid of Russia now because Americans were united in our fear in the 1950s. Americans are now divided.

Barry Bingham


Mary Ann Gatto-Bingham


John Reynes


Trump and Republicans

I’m not the kind of person who is ever confused about anything but I have to admit I am confused about the last election and I’m sure many others are also, especially now if not earlier. What I don’t understand is how so many people voted for a sleazy real estate salesman who insulted people over and over again, talked trash on a bus about women that was recorded live, has a record as a terrible businessman except to make money and has no understanding about the function of government. I guess that part doesn’t matter to those who voted for him because they don’t understand the function of government either. I understand that people were sick and tired of Bushes and Clintons regardless of whatever they did right or wrong but to vote for this lying, inexperienced salesman is more than I will ever understand. I do understand why rich people voted for him for obvious reasons but why would anyone of need such as poor, lower, middle or upper middle class folks vote for him? He and the Republicans are not going to deliver to you what you think they will. You folks are at the end of the list when it comes to what Republicans and Trump want to do and hopefully you are smart enough to now realize that you were lied to big time. There is much more to discuss but for now I will say that’s enough.

Tom Clancy


Response to “Faces of Hope” series

I just finished reading the fifth installment of Mental Health issues in Summit County. First, I want to thank the paper for handling such a sensitive issue in these five articles. It took great courage by the individuals who participated in these articles to bare their souls and talk about their demons and sadness. We all know someone who suffers from these issues and almost never know what to say to them. But I want to commend the author of these articles, Katie Lapides, who did a truly professional job of capturing the emotions of the people she interviewed without getting too sentimental or maudlin. She is outstanding and the Summit Daily should be proud to have contributions.

Steven Parker


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