Summit Daily editorial: Reelect Millie Hamner as House 61 representative |

Summit Daily editorial: Reelect Millie Hamner as House 61 representative

Summit Daily editorial

Summit County is lucky to have had Millie Hamner serving as its representative at the state house for the past six years. Yes, the former superintendent of Summit School District and Democratic incumbent is a bona fide education wonk, but she has also stepped up to tackle state budget issues and has a proven track record of sponsoring bipartisan bills on a variety of issues, including ones that seek to address rising health care premiums.

Millie Hamner has more than earned another term — her fourth and final. Because Hamner lives in Dillon, she clearly understands Summit County’s needs better than someone located on the far-flung fringes of the district. Not that that really matters, though — Hamner appears equally responsive to the general needs of her large and geographically diverse district, which includes Summit, Lake, Pitkin, Gunnison and Delta counties.

Republican Robert Schutt, a doctor out of Crested Butte, seems like a fine man, with an abundance of passion, intelligence and accomplishments. However, Hamner has formed strong alliances that are too important to concede to a political newcomer.

“I know how to work well with other people,” Hamner has said. “I think that’s what people want and expect from their representatives. They want somebody who doesn’t polarize issues and who can try to find compromise and bring solutions together. That’s my strength.”

During her years in the Legislature, Hamner has served on several committees. She was the chair of the joint budget committee and vice chair of appropriations. She has also served as chair of the education committee.

Among her accomplishments is playing a major role in securing the $10 million for the installation of a fire suppression system in the Eisenhower/Johnson Memorial Tunnel, the economic lifeline for Eagle and Summit counties. She also sponsored an education bill that expanded funding for the state’s beleaguered school districts.

Before entering politics, Hamner was the superintendent of the Summit School District, a position she started in 2004. Before that she was the assistant superintendent for three years. Prior to coming to Summit County she was a teacher and administrator in Eagle County for 23 years.

Please join us in voting Millie Hamner into another term as our champion at the Capitol.

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