Summit Daily letters: Boycott the Breckenridge Backstage Theater |

Summit Daily letters: Boycott the Breckenridge Backstage Theater

The recent developments at Breckenridge Backstage Theater are a disgrace.

Artistic Director Christopher Willard is one of the most talented creative forces we’ve ever witnessed. He could easily have had huge success in Los Angeles or New York City, or any other major metropolitan city. And yet, he chose to share his genius with Summit County.

We were so lucky to have him and the hugely talented former executive director Erin Gigliello. But then they expressed their artistic freedom in a mildly satirical skit which was not only appropriate but a responsibility. I know. I was there. Mocking our presidents is expected. No matter what party they represent. I have no doubt if this skit had been aimed at President Obama, there would have been no protest from those who complained.

The Breckenridge Backstage board, and more specifically its chairwoman, folded like a cheap suit.

The responsibility of a board is to further the mission of the organization. This board abdicated its responsibility to the Breckenridge community by placing a higher priority on political correctness than art.

Needless to say, we will find other deserving nonprofits to donate to in the future and we will satisfy our theater cravings by going down the road to Silverthorne/Dillon.

Please join us in boycotting Breckenridge Backstage Theater.

Mark and Annie McKinnon

Blue River


An incident of bigotry in Silverthorne

One week ago, on a beautiful Saturday, I was walking my sleepy 2 year-old granddaughter along the Silverthorne recpath just north of the Silverthorne Police Department. A Hispanic family — man, woman and school-age daughter — were exiting the police building, carrying cleaning supplies back to their vehicle. We greeted one another; I continued to walk as the gentleman carried bags of garbage to the dumpsters.

Suddenly, an individual walking south on the path shouted “Hey! Do you have your green card?!”

I and the gentleman hauling garbage both looked with a start; he politely replied, “I have an ID and a Social.”

I apologized for the behavior. The gentleman replied, “It’s OK; he is just some drunk guy,” to which I replied, “No, it is not OK. I am embarrassed and sorry, and I appreciate that you are here today.” And I walked on.

I called the non-emergency dispatcher to report the incident. My description of the offender was poor: “white male, 25 to 40, walking south on the recpath.”

Obviously, what I did was “too little, too late.” If I were to replay the incident, I would immediately go back to the police department with my report, sleeping child or not.

That said, I want to make a public apology for the behavior of this individual who was not clearly drunk, nor would that excuse his behavior. He was clearly white, as am I.

To this family: I am again sorry for the abhorrent behavior of this unidentified individual. I appreciate the work you are doing to help maintain “our” police department. Much more than that, I appreciate that you are living here with me in Summit County.

Sue Clark



Let’s lose Labor Day and raise our consciousness

Labor Day is not America’s favorite holiday. We don’t trade greeting cards, exchange gifts, or whoop and holler on this day. Suggestion: Rename Labor Day to Consciousness or “C” Day.

The New Manifesto:

• Stop laboring, start creating!

• Stop the stupor, awaken!

• Stop b****ing, be positive!

• Stop frowning, start laughing!

• Stop being ungrateful, be thankful!

• Eliminate darkness, brighten the world!

And how can we brighten the world? Simply start living in our hearts instead of our brains or gonads.

Lots of people worship Jesus instead of emulating him. He never said he wanted to be worshipped. He said he was the Way. Therefore, we should emulate him. (He even said, “And greater works than I, can you do.”)

And lots of people are atheists or agnostics which makes it maybe impossible for them to live in their hearts where God is. Until they awaken and realize that our Creator is All, that each of us is part of that All, and thus Godlings, we’ll have the strife, the wars and the suffering.

So it’s time for us to act like Godlings: think angelic thoughts, use angelic words, commit angelic acts.

And guess what? If we adopt the New Manifesto, we’ll rise in consciousness. And believe it or not, become healthier, more creative, more prosperous and happier.

Of course the 1 percent — who own the Federal Reserve, the major banks, businesses and industries, the media (who do you think owns the newspapers and TV stations, the liberal reporters? Ha!), our schools, our armed forces and our government — don’t want you to awaken and join the Light Brigade. They want you to remain in darkness where they are.

We have good people in the Republican and Democratic parties, in all levels of society, in all religions. (They all have high L.O.C. — levels of consciousness.) Let’s unite to make America great, then export America to the world (it’s cheaper than building walls.)

Let’s begin by raising our L.O.C. and changing Labor Day to “C” Day.

Boot Gordon


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