Summit Daily letters: Coal workers, landlords and the Trumps |

Summit Daily letters: Coal workers, landlords and the Trumps

Colorado grants for displaced coal workers

The Denver Post and Summit Daily News just reported $400,000 of matching grants to help furloughed (Read: laid off) coal miners from our Western Slope in hopes of retraining about 350 people in the solar industry. They make their story sound like they really care for the predicament of our laid off coal workers; except, they conveniently leave out the economic facts and reasons surrounding the onerous EPA restrictions, which caused these lay offs to happen.

1. The coal from our Western Slope is very high quality with low sulphur and high energy heat content. Worldwide coal demand continues to grow and yet we are causing coal mines to shut down.

2. Coal is used to generate 68 percent of the Colorado electric grid.

3. Solar energy accounts for only 0.6 percent of the U.S. electricity grid at a very much higher $/KW of energy. It is only a viable energy because we subsidize it with tax dollars that should be used elsewhere for things like our bridges and roads. Solar energy fails without massive subsidies!

4. The sun does not shine every day, so we must continue to rely on electric generated from coal and natural gas for the electricity and heat for our homes, manufacturing plants, offices, etc.

5. The Western Slope once employed nearly 1,000 miners who were paid an average of $100,000/year. The taxes from these incomes supported their schools, towns, etc. Who will support those now?

6. Retrained, laid off coal workers, will make about 50 percent less in the solar industry than they made in the coal industry — if they can really find those jobs.

7. The laid off coal miners from Paonia, Somerset, etc. will most likely decide not to move to an unknown area and leave their friends for a job paying them less than they previously made.

Only in an EPA-controlled country/state can our liberal government officials (supported by their kindred news reporting soles) cause so many well-paid workers to be laid off and then use our tax dollars to brag about how generous they are to be training a small percentage of those laid off workers to make less than they did when they were working at the coal mines for much higher income jobs, which served a more meaningful purpose.

Ken Gansmann


When the landlord lies down with the lamb

Re: “The commitments of a compassionate Summit County landlord,” an Aug. 6 guest column from Summit County resident Eric Ojala.

When Martin Luther nailed his wordage to the doors of Wittenberg Church, he had no idea he had ignited the Protestant Reformation. He did it because he was in crisis as a Catholic priest in conflict with its indulgences and corruption. As a landlord on the other side of the tracks from all us tenants, what has been delivered via the doors of SDN has the aroma of compassion and the taste of reformation.

Eric Ojala and I are of the same cloth spiritually, but l make less money and pay $690.00/month for a room in a basement as l wait to move up on the Summit Low Housing list, currently #6, whenever they decide to unfreeze the vouchers. Over the years, l have driven for Colorado Mountain Express and Summit schools, taken two different pastoral positions in Washington State and Ohio and a position as clergy staff in a 28 day rehab center outside Eagle, Colorado, while trying to honor a second calling l received to learn how to snowboard at 60 and do outreach on the mountain.

Since arriving here in 2003, l have found myself in 20 different places — none of which made me feel l belonged, rather than just an extension of the landlord’s profit motive and pseudo-entitlement. I truly hope you have been led into a Wittenberg declaration and the igniting of a housing reformation in the midst of Summit County’s real estate “demon” of greed and entitlement. If that’s the case, I extend my compassion toward you as you begin to feel the pressure of those who continue to leverage first, last and deposit into their pockets.

I pray for the day to come quickly, when both landlord and tenant no longer toe the line drawn in the sand between them but rather chose to become part of a human family who genuinely care for one another.

Charles ‘Bud’ Hill

Summit Cove

Trump’s brilliant scheme

Donald Trump gave an incredible brilliant scheme to extremely vet immigrants to determine their ideology. Of course, the drive by media was quick to argue that a terrorist would not answer ideology questions honestly.

Trump will trump the opposition, I am sure, by taking blood and urine samples and then use his secret chemical, patented in the Ukraine, developed in Trump University and produced in his laboratory in Mexico.

When the chemical is mixed with the blood and urine samples, if it turns blue they are banned, red means they pass the ideology test.

Thomas Allen


An open letter to Melania Trump

Hi, Melania. Caught you at one of the earlier rallies and had instant empathy for you from being a model myself back in my twenties. A sideline for me when I was a Lutheran missionary to Japan, six years on Tokyo TV pitching miso soup got me recognized all over Japan back in the 60s as The Koiten Soup Girl. I understand your frustrations.

First piece of advice, relax. They’re not going to stop throwing bricks at you. That’s just part of the game the Clintons and their media connections play. I’m sure if you dug deeply into who was behind questioning your immigration status in order to spread your early modeling photos around, you’d find Hillary’s henchman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz. But don’t let Hillary get to you. Trust me, honey, if she could be you, she would. And if Chelsea could be Ivanka, she would be too. Poor kid, Chelsea, with her undercoat of perpetual sadness from too little of the right kind of attention from Hillary and too much of the wrong kind from skirt chasing Bill. These people stink.

We smarter liberal gals know Hillary would be terrible for America. She pushed hard to kill off Ghaddafi in Libya just to get herself into the limelight as preparation for this run for the presidency and, in that way, really was the founder of ISIS, at least in Libya. And why would anybody trust that she has love for the American people when she had such little time or love for her own daughter.

And give this advice to Donald. It’s absolutely impossible for him to win without votes from the disaffected Bernie left. And ranting about jobs, jobs, jobs, has minimal impact on them. They are, though, affected by war and peace issues. My father-in-law was part of a Marine contingent that documented the horrors of Hiroshima shortly after it was bombed. After he came home from the war, he woke up every night for the next two years screaming in his wife’s arms from nightmares about the bodies he saw torn to shreds and fused with their blood into the sidewalks there.

What Donald should promise the left is that he’ll lead a movement to make the planet A World with No Weapons. To make that happen, I’m sure he’d be great at making deals to get the world together in a political system as tightly cooperative as today’s global economic system. And such a highly-interconnected political system would also make it possible to do something significant about the global warming causing the supersized fires, floods and hurricanes that are destroying so many communities and people’s lives. Folks on the right are hurt by nuclear weapons and tornadoes as much as people on the left, so there should be little complaint from his base on these issues.

But to accomplish them, Donald has to first win the presidency. And that’s looking very hard to do with those double digit poll numbers so solidly against him. And they’ll stay that way unless he reaches out to the left. Whisper in his ear to stop the ad hominem attacks and start touting himself as the next big time savior of mankind.

As to the details of how to make A World with No Weapons, they’re on our mathematical political blog, And also check out the Liberals for Trump articles by me, Ruth Graf, on the conservative Internet newspaper, Western Free Press, that I started writing to support him back six months ago.

Ruth Graf


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