Summit Daily letters: Column on Trump’s ‘Fake News’ rhetoric shows Summit Daily’s bias |

Summit Daily letters: Column on Trump’s ‘Fake News’ rhetoric shows Summit Daily’s bias

A difference between fake news and bias

So much for independent journalism! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that the Summit Daily News would follow the lead of the Boston Globe on Thursday and chime in to the opining, aka whining, about our President’s relationship with the media. But I am disappointed! Summit Daily editor Ben Trollinger piled on with his criticism that the President hates the media. Interesting, since President Trump has allowed the media more access to him than any of our other living Presidents, e.g. impromptu answering of questions in the Rose Garden, continuing to take questions even after his staff wraps up a news conference, open cabinet meetings, etc. His beef is with “fake news” and the individual “reporters” who spew it, not the media as an entity or the columnists who are expected and paid to opine. I get fired up most days I look at my Summit Daily News, but it’s because your bias is so transparent, not because you’re reporting fake news. I don’t like it, but I understand where the bias comes from. Your journalists were educated and groomed in liberal markets. I just wish you would look for a broader range of columnists for your opinion pieces and more prudence when selecting Associatd Press articles and political cartoons. For the life of me, I do not understand how Susuan Knopf gets so much column space as the facts she uses to substantiate her diatribes about Trump, Republicans and conservatism is literally “fake news.” So why is it “Trumpian” when one SDN reader called Deepan Dutta’s Aug. 2 story about wildfire smoke “false news & propaganda”? Another reader specifically complimented the piece and two others seemed to agree. No one even “liked” the propaganda comment. It seems you wanted to further the misperception that Republicans like dirty water, dirty air and want to throw Grandma off the cliff. Seriously? Republicans, unaffiliated and Democrats in Summit County all care about the air and appreciate an informative article about the potential dangers associated with wildfire smoke. You can do better than this SDN!

Garnett Payne


Summit Daily editorial showed bravery

Congratulations on your editorial of Aug. 16 entitled, “President Trump, the enemy isn’t us.” We will remain the land of the free as long as we are the home of the brave. Thanks for being brave. I am confident that truth will, in the long run, prevail.

Also, thank you for publishing various views in Summit Daily New’s columns and letters, including mine. Like most Americans, I love this country with my whole heart and soul. I look forward to a time when as a nation, we can come together again and when the mistakes and limitations of the past, can be replaced by compassion and understanding. We have got to change from fear to hope. We must choose peace over war, mercy over violence, understanding over righteousness, forgiveness over punishment, gratefulness over ingratitude, the virtuous over the unethical, compassion over intolerance, open-heartedness over judgment, humility over pride, love over hate, joy over anger, community over selfishness and generosity over greed. We have got to shift our priorities from the battlefield of war, to human dignity and our common good. We have to be aware of our potential, both individually and as a great nation. We have to change from stressing our differences, to opening up to our connectivness.

We will be better together!

Carl M. Birkelbach


Forget the slander, what do they stand for?

Although, in the midst of August, it is hard to get excited about the November elections, they are less than eighty days away. I know this because the campaign ads have already begun appearing and, sadly, the mudslinging season is already upon us.

My fellow Coloradans! Can we have an election that doesn’t include negative ads? I understand that once the name-calling and the finger-pointing begins, the opposing candidate cannot help but to respond in kind. For some reason, the electorate responds to negative ads. By besmirching and denigrating the other guy, one somehow raises one’s own standing. “Bad news sells” has become the mantra of electioneering just like “if it bleeds it leads” sells newspapers and T.V. news. I want us to ask why this should be this way?

I challenge each of us to ignore, actively, any ad that doesn’t set forth a candidate’s positions. I, for one, want to know where a person who is running for office stands. Don’t you? Don’t you want to know and understand as best as you can what you are voting for instead of what you’re voting against?

Don’t we deserve a clean campaign? Doesn’t voting for someone who goes low promise us just that very thing if and when they get into office?

Give me a doer, not a degrader. Give me decency and authenticity, and not someone who savages his or her opponent. It’s our duty to pay attention to the issues, and issue numero uno for me is a campaign that promotes us all to the highest standards we can ever ask for. When the votes are tallied, we’ll be getting what we deserve.

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman


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