Summit Daily letters: Conflicting weather reports and Colorado chaos |

Summit Daily letters: Conflicting weather reports and Colorado chaos

Conflicting weather reports

This (Monday) morning, I am watching the snow and the winds that are whipping it into bursts of swirling, white wizardry. I am also reading and watching the weather reports from the ski industry, e-weather sources and TV news. Each is predicting wildly different weather. The ski industry predicts low wind velocities for this day. I am looking out my window and what I see belies the numbers being reported. This is both deceptive and dangerous. Wind and wind chills are both factors in ski and boarding safety, and in the causation of frost bite, difficulty with visibility and other important conditions. They impact the way pass holders prepare for the experience they will have on the slopes.

Is there not somewhere in Summit and Vail counties that we can get accurate, up-to-date weather information? What I am witnessing is a somewhat understandable concentration on Denver’s weather, leaving us here in these Rockies confused and anxious to know what weather is and will be that we’ll be having to cope with.

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman


Colorado chaos

What is going on in our state? Colorado used to be a stable place to be with all the beauty that it has. It was a great place to live and work.

In the recent past, Colorado has voted to legalize marijuana, become a home for homeless, and lose some of the Western stableness that it had. And, in all this, what have our leaders done? Nothing to speak of, in spite of the fact that standards in our great state have dropped.

Since marijuana was approved, we have had more auto accidents, suicides, killings and other deaths. This issue also attracted a large number of homeless. Mostly, I suppose from California. What really bothered me recently was the interview that Sen. Bennett had with Fox News. He said in that interview that he favored doing away with the Electoral College. That provision was put into our Constitution to protect us from having no say in who was elected president. If we did not have that, then California, New York and other heavily populated states would be able to decide what this country would do. Smaller states would have no say. Is that what we want? Sen. Bennett is just following in line with Pelosi and Schumer in saying that. It would not have been an issue if Hillary had won the election. We need elected representatives who represent the people and not puppets to party leadership. Now the Democrats have come up with the Green Deal and socialism. Most people who keep up on current events in the news are aware that these ideas are a crock and would probably lead to a dictatorship. Government would control our lives in most everything with radical ideas like these. What is really concerning is that many of the Democratic presidential candidates and members of Congress have made statements that support this radical and baseless concept. Sen. Bennett also indicated that he supported this absurd concept. To make matters even more insane, the states that I have mentioned above, plus a few more Democratic states, have endorsed horrible abortion laws that seem to allow killing babies at full term.

James Cowles


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