Summit Daily letters: Council on course to restore Dillon to its glory days |

Summit Daily letters: Council on course to restore Dillon to its glory days

Thoughts on Dillon’s approval of a controversial condo project

Some homeowners complained that the development would “wreck the small town feel” and “decrease their property values.” In my opinion, Dillon has lost its small town feel and has declined over the years into an isolated condo and residential setting. When we moved to the county as full-time residents 37 years ago, Dillon was a nationally known destination and had many shops, restaurants and businesses that made it a vibrant community. It even boasted a small grocery store in the mid ’70s when we regularly visited the area.

That lively atmosphere has gradually eroded over the years in part due to efforts by a relatively small resident base who seemed to prefer a quiet, more restrictive atmosphere to the point of even closing off one of the main access roads (from the Dillon Dam Road) to the town for a number of years.

Dillon lies in an unparalleled setting in the midst of a magnificent lake, two major mountain ranges, easy highway access, ample expandable space and nearby larger-scale amenities. It seems to me that the current expansion and improvement of the Dillon amphitheater along with the town council’s pro-active development stance will not only enhance all resident property values, but help return Dillon to a genuinely vibrant small mountain resort town.

Mary Beth Gilligan

Summit Cove

What your party really stands for

Both entertained and sickened by the letter from Kim McGahey on what was once the party of Lincoln, now the party of Pinnochio, Breitbart and Bannon. Abe and Emma Lazarus must be spinning in their graves. Articles by the aforementioned and the like from Breitbart and Liddick need to be relegated to their rightful places — liners for bird cages.

Last night in Phoenix, our liar and groper in chief added six more lies to his resume, bringing the total to well over 1,000 lies since his oath of office.

The wannabe dictator reverted from his phony humble stance in his Afghanistan speech from the night before to typical hateful, hypocritical Trump. Blasting his own party, the news that reports truths to his lies, and again reaffirming his most distasteful and inappropriate speech on the Charlottesville disgrace. He again showed what his true self is, a petulant, hateful, lying, narcissist and more. Yes, he wants to unify this country, unify it in hate and distrust.

Every day he speaks unscripted, he tightens his own noose of hatred around his neck. So let Trump continue to be Trump. When the bottom line of this country weakens and he shuts it down because of his failed wall the corporation will again bail on him and we still have the Russian investigation left to spring the trap door. Thankfully.

W. Gerald Bird Jr.


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