Summit Daily letters: Curtail Frisco’s off-the-leash dog problem |

Summit Daily letters: Curtail Frisco’s off-the-leash dog problem

Not so dog friendly?

I am very disappointed that the town I once knew as a very friendly dog town, has become one that I am afraid to walk my dogs through. I have owned a place in Frisco for 14 years and one of the appeals of this town was the great walking trails and the dog friendly nature. That seems to have changed with many instances of off-leash dogs running up to my leashed dogs and causing an issue. This is happening almost on a daily basis in the summer time. On Aug. 12 at 9 a.m. an off-leash dog was more aggressive and actually attacked one of my dogs, biting her back leg, pulling it and caused a puncture wound just below her eye. This happened on the bike path at the corner of Hawn Dr. and Meadow Dr. The dog was a tan and white medium size dog, maybe a Staffordshire terrier. Keep a look out for this dog and owner, the next attack could be worse.

I truly don’t understand why it seems to be acceptable to have dogs off leash that are not under direct control of the owner. Owners should never allow their dogs to approach another person or another dog without asking permission first.

Throughout Frisco there are many signs stating there is a leash law and it is enforced. If the town is enforcing the leash law, then why have I encountered off-leash dogs on the town bike paths and parks on a daily basis? Owners need to be more responsible and keep their dogs on leash at all times and not give them an opportunity to run off. It is that simple. Even if you think your dog is friendly, it is not obvious to everyone when they are running right at another dog. From the leashed dog’s perspective, the approach could be perceived as aggression. I have seen a supposedly friendly dog turn not so friendly in this situation. Please be a responsible dog owner and follow the leash law.

Virginia Edley


The destruction of Dillon

I purchased a condo here in 1992 and watched the “cementing of Dillon” when expanded sidewalks and big medians with big flowerpots reduced our parking. The Little Brown Drug, Alice’s Restaurant, The Snow Bank, the Donut Cafe for morning conversation, a wonderful design furniture store and clothing store left our little town. We lost the extremely successful BBQ festival and the Lake Dillon Theatre Company. The amphitheater expansion is an unnecessary expense when this could have been accomplished much cheaper and some of that money could have been used to put grass in our park. The trailer park on top of the bowling ally seems to be an architect’s experiment and now we will have a five-story building that will take away more vital parking, destroy mountain views and green space, changing Dillon even more. Who is making these decisions? Certainly not the residents.

Dotti McKee


Justified outrage

Re: Aug. 21 Morgan Liddick column, “Media outrage machine short-circuits on Trump.”

The media was justified in its outrage with Trump’s comments about events in Charlottesville. Trump criticized Washington and Jefferson and tried to put them in the same category as Robert E Lee. Our Founding Fathers were men of honor and practicality. They knew the 13 colonies could not form into a new nation, if slavery was to be abolished immediately. However, they were visionaries and gave us the words, “all men are created equal,” so that this value could be achieved at some future date. We are still working on it, as “the times they are a-changing.” But not for Trump and his white supremacist friends.

Washington and Jefferson brought this country together into a union and gave us the values that we must live up to. The Confederates did not agree with “all men are created equal.” To maintain the sin of slavery, they waged war on our nation that cost 600,000 American lives. There were more casualties in the Civil War than in all of our other wars combined. The Confederates were selfish, bigoted and racists. They should not be honored. The Confederate and Nazi flags and what they stand for, belong in the trash heap of history.

E Pluribus Unum, Out of Many one.

Carl M. Birkelbach


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