Summit Daily letters: Democracy for thee but not for me? |

Summit Daily letters: Democracy for thee but not for me?

Wiping away Trump’s toilet comments

Re: Morgan Liddick’s Jan. 16 column.

Liddick states that places such as Afghanistan, Haiti, Gambia have authoritarian and kleptocratic governments; income disparity; poor educational systems, nonexistent infrastructure.

Many of these people are trying to leave these countries and come to the USA where it is still barely a place where an immigrant can come and better his/her life — just like our forefathers/mothers did. Why would Norwegians ever want to become a citizen of this country when they have excellent healthcare, education and a pension system that benefits their citizens?

We need immigrants to continue to build a strong workforce and strong country. Trump and the far right are trying to make America into an authoritarian and kleptocratic government.

We already have an extreme disparity between the ultra rich — the 1 percent and everyone else.

Funding and focus on infrastructure was promised but is not affordable given the recent tax breaks for the upper 1 percent and corporations.

You called Dick Durbin a liar, yet Lindsey Graham verified Trumps comment. The other two Republican senators played word semantics saying the word was “house” not “hole,” as if that really makes a difference.

Yet you see this as acceptable evidently. You just keep spewing inaccurate, hate-inciting information. Why don’t you try to be helpful vs. hurtful?

Did Republicans invite Democrats into the room to work on tax reform? Healthcare? anything? When Obama was elected he immediately met with Republicans and tried to get the two parties to work together.

Mitch McConnell and the Republican party response to that was: obstruct, obstruct, obstruct. Good government is about working together and compromising.

Kari Kronborg


Democracy for thee but not for me?

Re: Kim McGahey’s January 22 letter to the editor.

Kim McGahey decries the lack of accurate polling and suggests that we pay special attention to a certain group, writing “Talk to any hard-working middle American while riding in his Ford Super Duty and he’ll tell you that’s the kind of kick-butt and take-names President we need.”

One can only wonder if McGahey means what he says by “any.” Does he include hard-working but non-white Americans, who, generally, do not support our president? His wording strongly indicates that he does not mean to include hard-working female Americans.

The views of any sizeable minority are important, but by suggesting that the views of this particular minority are especially important, McGahey shows his true colors: democracy as it is understood in this republic is not really something he believes in.

One can only hope that Summit County Republicans in general do not share the views of the chairman of their party.

Stan Wagon


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