Summit Daily letters: Democrats will say anything to make Republicans look bad |

Summit Daily letters: Democrats will say anything to make Republicans look bad

Democrats will say anything to make Republicans look bad

Wow! Susan Knopf continues to insult Summit County voters with her latest column! Where do I begin to correct her false statements and innuendos and “fake news.” She accuses Trump of increasing the debt by $1.5 trillion, which together with his repeal of Obama regulations ignores the economic growth and jobs Trump’s policies have created. Trump’s policies are driving down the deficit, not increasing it. She ignores the $10 trillion or so Obama added during his presidency. She refers to “right wing thugs,” but all I see is left-wing anarchists burning cars, breaking windows and setting buildings on fire. I don’t see or know anyone on the right that does this. The Democratic Party founded the Ku Klux Klan to oppress black people. Lincoln, a Republican, signed the Emancipation Proclamation to set them free. The Democrats attribute almost every sin they commit to the Republicans, unfortunately convincing many that the wolf (Democrats) are on their side while the true friends of our republican form of government are the Republicans. Look it up! The data is indisputable. Almost every sin the Democratic Party has committed they have tried to blame on the Republican Party. But people are wising up and seeing through them. The tried and true Democratic technique of accusing Republicans of being racist, bigots, misogynist etc. isn’t working anymore. She so eloquently expresses our finest ideas, quoting Jefferson frequently and then twists it all out of proportion turning it in on itself. And the final coup de grace is the intentional confusion about wealth and capital. Both are money, but one risks on new ideas, creates new companies and jobs and is the engine of growth. She wants you to believe wealth is for personal comfort and self-greed. That irritates me to no end! Expressions like these are why I’m running to represent Summit County and the rest of House District 61. There are far more sensible people in Summit County than this one columnist suggests in her diatribe. We have plenty of Republicans, unaffiliated voters and yes, even registered Democrats who are rejecting the left-wing trajectory of their party. We can’t afford to let our state become the next California. We can’t allow the Front Range liberal legislators to continue to dictate the conversation. We need to maintain control of the State Senate and retake the house and Governor. Regardless of who has the majority after the November election, I am committed to representing reasonable and open-minded people of Summit County.

Mike Mason

Candidate for HD 61

Cedaredge, CO

Colorado’s public lands: Sold to the highest bidder

Colorado is home to four national parks, eight national monuments, 41 state parks and millions of acres of wilderness, and public lands managed by the National Forest Service and BLM.

Eighty percent of Summit County is made up of pristine mountains, rivers and valleys of the White River National Forest.

Our fantastic public lands sustain a wealth of plants and wildlife. Our lands generate a world-class outdoor recreation industry, which provides 229,000 jobs and generates over $2 billion in revenue.

Visitors come from near and far to hike, bike, ski and hunt on our lands, and to fish and raft on our raging rivers.

It takes years of research, coalition building and collaboration with broad stakeholder communities to draft a public lands legislation, and only the stroke of a pen by the president to gut the lands and sell the pieces to the highest bidder as exemplified by Bears Ears and Grand Staircase of the Escalante National Monuments.

Closer to home, the BLM is proposing to lease more that 18,000 acres on the eastern border of Great Sand Dunes National Park to oil and gas entities. Brown’s Canyon National Monument, which provides clean water, habitat for wildlife, biological diversity, outdoor recreational opportunities and scenic beauty may be next on the chopping block.

Yesterday, at the first forum of the general election, GOP gubernatorial candidate, Walker Stapleton said that the federal government should not be making determinations regarding federal lands, but refused to say whether he would stand up to Trump if Trump attempted to take away Colorado’s public lands.

Jared Polis, Democratic candidate for governor has spent nearly a decade protecting Colorado’s public lands.

The choice is clear. A vote for Jared is a vote for our public lands.

Rose Pray


Split on clear-cut issue

I don’t know what the answer is. We live in the National Forest — do we cut down all the trees to make us safe? Do we eliminate all the wild animals so that we are safe? One person said he lived in California and friends lost their home — again, do we rid the earth of all our trees? We build houses in areas where there are mudslides — do we bulldoze the mountains? We build our houses in flood plains — do we surround them with dams and walls? I don’t know what the answer is. I look down on Ophir Mountain from Victoria and I see some dead trees but I also see many live trees. I went to an information session a few years ago put on by the Forest Service and learned from Forest Service experts that grasses burn hot and fast. We clear-cut and the areas become covered in grasses. I don’t have the answer but I do question clear-cutting.

Kari Kronborg


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