Summit Daily letters: Don’t hang the government shutdown on Democrats |

Summit Daily letters: Don’t hang the government shutdown on Democrats

Don’t hang the shutdown on Democrats

In an effort to anticipate Morgan Liddick’s column this week, that the current U.S. Government shutdown is all the Democrats’ fault, it is instructive to understand how the failure of the Republicans to govern brought us to this point. (Disclaimer: I urged Sen. Bennet to vote to limit debate.) Think back over 2017 as to the items that the House and Senate accomplished. They tried to kill Obamacare and failed. They passed the 2017 Tax Redistribution bill and screwed up farmers and gave Trump a big, big tax cut. Republicans control both houses of Congress and control the agenda as to the legislation that goes through. What was supposed to happen by October 2017 is that each department of the executive branch was to have a budget approved through committee, approved through the chambers, agreed to in conference, and again agreed to in chambers, and sent to the President’s desk. Democrats have very little say in the committee process in either chamber. They can slow it down in the Senate if the legislation ever gets that far. It never did. Congress therefore has to pass Continuing Resolutions to keep the government running. Republicans could have gotten around the 60 vote limitation of needing Democratic help if they had used reconciliation, but they only get to use it once a year and they used it on tax redistribution.

Republicans have shown over and over again since the Regan administration that they are really really good at getting elected but they really can’t govern at all.

Donald Samuels


Get moving on Breckenridge traffic solutions

Today, anyone who traverses regularly crosstown on weekends experiences the headaches of Park Ave and often opts for French Street. Now, fast forward a year or so, and imagine the increased load on Park Avenue when a 300 slot parking structure opens on the Tiger Dredge lot, then picture the increased traffic diverting through the historic residential neighborhood along French Street to avoid it. Next, imagine a 500-600 slot parking garage (double the size of the Dredge structure) opening at the Ice Arena, and the logjam that not only French Street will become, but Sunbeam as well. Not to mention the spillover onto Ridge and Harris as people try to circumvent the parking lot that French has become. The backup could even stretch into downtown as the stoplight at Boreas Pass and Highway 9 will not efficiently alleviate the blockage caused by all the cars turning left onto Boreas Pass Road. It may not be a regular occurrence – at first – but is all but guaranteed during the July 4th holiday and other peak times in the not to distant future. This will impact traffic, as well as walkability to downtown and will have negatively impact the historic district (Main Street is not the only historic district). This is why Walker Parking Consultants made the Ice Arena dead last in its recommendations to town council. Not to mention that traffic consultant Nelson/Nygaard had previously nixed a structure on F lot because it would greatly exacerbate congestion. I don’t know if Nelson/Nygaard was asked to consider a structure at Stephen West, but, if they were, I’m sure they’re still laughing. Recently, both the New York Times (Dec. 24 , 2017) and Forbes (January 8, 2018) published articles about how navigation apps are turning quiet residential neighborhoods into traffic nightmares. Once the garage goes in at Stephen West, the historic residential area of Breckenridge will become the poster child for this phenomenon. The town shot down the top two recommendations from the consultants because of alley blockage and visibility from Main Street. Both of which are certainly problematic, but they are also likely to be problems to which solutions could be found. There are no solutions — zero, zip, nada — to the crosstown traffic nightmare that a parking structure at the Ice Arena will cause, and no amount of roundabouts along French will fix it. The only thing that will fix it is not to build it at all. There are three picture perfect places to build parking structures that check off every box of Walker’s guidelines: the Gondola lots and the Gold Rush lot. The town knows this and so does Vail Resorts. Sadly though, Walker wasn’t allowed to consider these locations because VR won’t put them on the table. In its temper tantrum over the lift tax, VR is more than happy to force the town into irreversible decisions that will greatly diminish not only the quality of life for residents, but the visitor experience as well, not to mention the colossal inconvenience for skiers forced (by VR) to park over a mile away so they can have the pleasure of being bused back into town to a Gondola they should have never been further than 200 yards from. When John Buhler wrote in his letter to the editor on Nov. 20, “I urge council to stop fixating on Vail Resorts property as a way to deliver on the council’s parking promises, since those options were specifically rejected by council in favor of this tax.” he showed that VR tantrum has not subsided in the least. He went on to say, “Our community and our guests need to see real solutions — let’s get moving on the next step”.

He’s absolutely correct, but it is John Buhler that needs to make that step.

Jack Waldrip


Fighting and winning for us

President Trump is a fighter and a winner — at least according to Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt. The two former Presidents had personally undesirable generals serve under them specifically because U. S. Grant and George Patton were fighters that knew how to win. Donald Trump fits that same historic mold.

Despite insurmountable odds against adversaries that include sour grapes whiners from the obsolete Democratic party, repulicans in name only (RHINOS) and #nevertrumpers in his own Republican party, socialist Central Planners left over from the bygone Obama/Clinton/Bush era and, of course, the ever-present negativity dished out as daily fare by the complicit liberal media and its pollsters (the same pollsters, by the way, that say Trump’s approval numbers are under 40 percent also said Hillary would win by a landslide!); despite all this, President Trump has prevailed and been refreshingly productive in his first year in office.

If those same pollsters abandoned the 1,000 voters in Los Angeles and instead interviewed 10,000 voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas they would get a much higher approval rating. Those middle Americans finally have a President who isn’t a politician. One who keeps his promises, accomplishes his goals and serves the people instead of himself — all without sucking up to anyone.

Trump didn’t shine Bob Corker’s shoes in order to get Tax Reform passed, he didn’t cave in to Chuckie Schumer’s propaganda to get Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court and Trump isn’t backing down from the Pyongyang Pipsqueak’s vacant threats about launching a nuclear rocket on San Francisco.

Talk to any hard working middle American while riding in his Ford Super Duty and he’ll tell you that’s the kind of kick butt and take names President we need because that’s how we do things in this great country. Sitting down to tea with the Ayatollah just doesn’t get the job done. Enough spitting in the wind and getting soaked – time to stand up for America.

President Trump enjoys the freedom not to be concerned what anyone else thinks about his methodology. He only cares about getting the job done for we the people. Like Lincoln said about Grant, “I can’t spare this man; he fights for America!”

Kim McGahey


Chairman, Summit Republicans

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