Summit Daily letters: Drugs hinder our path to enlightenment |

Summit Daily letters: Drugs hinder our path to enlightenment

Drugs hinder our path to enlightenment

Way back in the 1980s I attended an advanced transcendental meditation workshop for Siddhas at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa.

The class consisted of lectures, listening to tapes (some were plainly gibberish), Patanjali’s aphorisms and two extra-long meditations daily. Yes, it was unusual but nothing earthshaking until about the fifth day. I was standing alone in my dorm room when I was overcome by a feeling of “all-knowing” (you know everything, even what’s behind closed doors). I looked out and saw a tree through the brick dorm wall. Most important was a feeling of “peace that passeth all understanding.”

I didn’t jump up and down and yell “Eureka.” I was beyond that egoistic place, I guess.

Incidentally, two of my Siddha buddies had had similar experiences. One said she had it three times in one day. She said she saw a fire escape she didn’t know existed through a brick wall. The other said it had lasted her for a whole day. (I suppose Jesus had it whenever…)

I’m mentioning this because with the good vibrations of love hitting Earth at this time (and increasing daily), it is very possible that the consciousness level of people with “clear or open minds” can attain the awareness that my two friends and I experienced back in Iowa. And more. Maybe way more.

That is, if our brain is operable.

At Maharishi International University we ate vegetarian, didn’t smoke or drink, or, of course, take drugs. The Siddhas were/are amazing people doing amazing things. All healthy, happy, creative, producing…

Our instructors told us that our bodies could slough off small amounts of alcohol but not drugs. “They stay in the body and accumulate, getting stronger and more odious as the intake of drugs continues.”

So with a new era of enlightenment maybe close at hand, why would anyone jeopardize his/her future? We’ll need every cell in our body to be active. You won’t want to be a vegetable when critical mass is reached.

I’m stupefied by the stupidity of people who do drugs. Let’s say you own a Lamborghini or a Porche. Would you pour sand into its crankcase? Hey, your brain is far more valuable than any sports car.

Maharishi, who was the Beetles’ guru, quoted his teacher whom he called “Guru Dev.” (He was the most enlightened teacher in India at the time. And they take their spirituality seriously there.)

“To get a human body is a rare thing. There are four million kinds of lives which a soul can gather. After that, you get a chance to be human. … God has given you power to think and decide what is good or bad … every second in human life is very valuable … if you don’t (awaken) … then you have sold a diamond at the price of spinach.”

Boot Gordon


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