Summit Daily letters: Full-throated support for workforce housing and Frisco’s 2B ballot item |

Summit Daily letters: Full-throated support for workforce housing and Frisco’s 2B ballot item

Say yes to more workforce housing — vote yes on Frisco’s 2B ballot item

I am a full-time resident and business owner in Frisco. The Frisco Lodge has been in my family since 1961. I believe that small businesses are an integral part of Frisco and employees are an integral part of small business. Both are necessary to help make a community. Without them, people won’t be able to shop, eat and stay in our cute little town. Our continued success as a town requires that we can attract and retain the workforce to maintain that. We cannot continue to grow our businesses and community without access to both seasonal and year- round workers that live in Frisco or Summit County, not those that must commute from Leadville, Georgetown, Fairplay or even Grand County and Denver.

As for the “Pocket Park” SOS building location; we have several beautiful pocket parks. One behind the Information Center at Third and Main St., the historic park at Second and Main St., the Post Office and another located at the corner of Main St. and Summit Boulevard. We have a newer Community Center located at the County Commons.

We have a crisis with respect to the availability of workforce housing. To address that challenge we need to build suitable rental housing now. We need to keep Frisco thriving as a destination stop for our guests. I strongly support a YES VOTE on 2B and hope that you will too.

Susan A. Wentworth

Owner, Frisco Lodge

Special interests shouldn’t own our democracy; support Mark Williams for Congress

Citizens United has been disaster for American politics. In the eight years since this Supreme Court decision was handed down, corporations, PACs and special interests have chipped away at stripping our voices and rights.

We have seen the damaging effects of money influencing our politics in Colorado. Amendment 71 is a prime example of how one industry can sink huge sums of money into a ballot initiative for a desired outcome. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen how money can and is influencing our elected representatives, most recently on gun control legislation and deregulating banks.

We as voters must begin to expect and demand more of our candidates. Until Citizens United is overturned, it is upon us to ask our candidates to get the money out of politics and run people-funded campaigns, leaving no doubt whose interests will be served when votes are cast. For those that don’t comply, we should be questioning, why not?

In this 2018 election cycle, progressive candidates across the country are choosing to run people-funded campaigns. Supporting these candidates like Mark Williams, who is running in Congressional District 2, is critical if we as citizens are going to restore our voices and our democracy.

No money from PACs or special interests should be the norm and not the exception.

Marie Adams


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