Summit Daily letters: Gridlock a reminder of car pollution |

Summit Daily letters: Gridlock a reminder of car pollution

Gridlock a reminder of car pollution

A nightmare really happened last Saturday night! Two hours of complete gridlock on Summit Boulevard. Were you there? Guilty me. All I could think of was the amount of carbon dioxide I was contributing to the air even when I turned off my engine. Not one car, more like 1,000. Today I read an Environmental Defense Fund report “that in New York City alone, idling cars and trucks produce 130,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year.” We can’t control the traffic on I-70, we couldn’t have prevented last Saturday’s nightmare, but we can try to live more simply. Could I have ridden my bike to Breck in a blizzard? Unlikely!

One thing we can do is wake up to the truths of the IPCC report, the scientists, the world and environmental leaders’ warnings about climate change. Connected to the Paris Climate Agreement, UN leaders and the World Conference of Bishops next month will meet in Poland to discuss, implement and lead our planet to a healthy, sustainable environment. The least we can do is listen, learn, apply the knowledge and live more simply. If that means walking more, driving less, do it. If it means saving the wear and tear on your car engine by not idling, try it. There is money to be saved! If it means reducing our use of fossil fuels, we know we have already done that; thanks to our Summit County community for helping us make the switch to 100 percent renewable energy.

Connie Anderson


Traction checkpoints: A modest proposal

After the fiasco that was getting anywhere this past weekend, I felt compelled to write a letter. Hopefully it will be read by Sheriff FitzSimons.

I’m just wondering if it would be at all possible to, on the next Friday where the CDOT traction law is in effect, to set up checkpoints, DUI style, at all the entrances to Summit County in order to check and enforce the traction law. It wouldn’t be too difficult with our unique situation at the bottom of five big hills. With checkpoints on Hoosier, Loveland, Fremont and Vail passes as well as at the border of Summit on Highway and I-70, all the bases would be covered. It could potentially prevent avoidable accidents, alleviate some of the weekend traffic in the county, prevent road closures, and maybe even save lives. Not to even mention the exorbitant amount of revenue that may be raised. At $130 a pop, the 20-car pileup on Saturday could maybe have been avoided and increased revenue by $2,600 instead of costing taxpayer resources for response and cleanup.

Eric J. Betts


Thank you for supporting a stronger Summit County

The citizens and nonprofits who developed ballot measure 1A sincerely thank Summit County voters for your support. The funding will provide quality education for working families, expanded mental health services, wildfire protection and new recycling programs. We thank you for investing in our community’s long-term health and sustainability.

Building Hope

Early Childhood Options

Family & Intercultural Resource Center

High Country Conservation Center

1A for Summit’s Future’ Campaign Committee

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