Summit Daily letters: Human beings on both sides of every argument |

Summit Daily letters: Human beings on both sides of every argument

Human beings on both sides of every argument

The current political climate in the U.S. is unsettling at best. There is so much anger and fear that it is no wonder even family members are not speaking, not to mention people being assaulted simply for wearing a hat. People are behaving like animals instead of the human beings we are. We have completely lost touch with what unites us and instead are clinging to everything that divides.

The First Amendment guarantees a right to speak out whatever our opinion is. However, over time and most recently it feels that the First Amendment has been weaponized to completely silence one opinion — and its theirs.

The beauty of the First Amendment is that we do not have to fear expressing an opinion not in vogue politically, religiously, or in any other way that doesn’t go with the overwhelming sentiment of the time. It guarantees that we can speak out against injustice and government policies with which we disagree and have no fear of suffering any reproach. This was the first amendment for a reason — it put the first real check on government running amok, guaranteeing the right to speak out and peaceably assemble in protest of the government. The First Amendment protects naysayers, truth-tellers, heretics, outcasts, and yes, even radicals to be able to publicly state their opinion without fear.

With the freedom to speak our opinions at least there used to be an unspoken rule that you respect the opposing view. And for a long time of my relatively short life it seemed that we as citizens observed what I would call some decorum in our engagement on political issues. Now sadly it seems that discussion is avoided because the other person is simply wrong, their opinion is wrong. We don’t have to, no, we won’t listen to them. And we will tell them how stupid, uninformed, and wrong they are. The willingness to castigate those who don’t hold our views has become an epidemic.

We all need to step back, pause and get in touch with our humanity. Because there is another human being on the other side. Not an enemy.

Delle Firestone


Cancel Morgan Liddick’s column — now

Morgan Liddick’s column continues to cross the line and promotes fear mongering and hatred. Along with its constant spewing of inaccurate statements, it supports the current state of chaos politically and environmentally. The current mood of the country and county, where everyday people are struggling to get by, emotionally, financially and spiritually ( just listen to the ads on the radio as of late), and the fact that the Summit Daily News promotes this columnist, is spineless and a disservice to its community. Find your backbone and put the old dog down. Ask yourselves what is useful in the current climate? Pitting one side against the other is an archaic way of thinking and only keeps society stuck in the old ways, which OBVIOUSLY does not work for the majority. It’s a waste of ink and time. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may not always be accurate, but she is fearless and does not promote hatred. Find something new. The time is NOW.

Nancy Hallett


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