Summit Daily letters: Keeping Summit safe and clean |

Summit Daily letters: Keeping Summit safe and clean

Keep it safe, keep it clean

While we Coloradans (I include myself in this select group since I bought a home here in 2011) love our outdoors and all it has to offer, I have three suggestions/requests to make it better.

1. With the addition to our population and increased traffic, we have had an almost 100% increase in crime and arrests. If we can be eyes and ears for each other and protect each other and our properties, our current life style will not be diminished.

2. Our rec paths are almost sacred to our outdoor walking/jogging/biking. The horizontal cracks that develop in these paths need to be repaired as they appear. They are a big impediment to a joyful road biking since they shake your whole being when you go over them and there are too many to count. We had them resurfaced up to Swan Mountain Road and further east they get much worse.

3. On the Dillon Reservoir bridge, the silt creeps on to the rec path, making it slick and dangerous to ride, especially if it has been wet. It is especially threatening to those of us who ride road bikes, with less than 1/4” contact of the tire rubber to the surface. If these rec. paths by the reservoir bridge can be swept regularly, it will greatly enhance the pleasure of riding and diminish the chances of slipping and falling. While riding, I observed City of Frisco cleaning up their rec paths today


Desh Sidhu

Summit County

Trump’s track record on race

Trump’s courting the African American vote is insulting. Does he think they will forget the racial discrimination suits the federal government filed against him?

The Justice Department filed a civil rights case that accused the Trump firm, whose complexes contained 14,000 apartments, of violating the Fair Housing Act of 1968 for refusing to rent to African Americans

The case, one of the biggest federal housing discrimination suits to be brought during that time, put a spotlight on the family empire led by, Donald Trump. Trump settled the first case but continued the discrimination and a second case was filed.

Trump said; “On education, we are going to give students choice, and allow charter schools to thrive. We are going to end tenure policies that reward bad teachers and hurt good ones.”

Those are policy decisions currently made by local school districts. Trump is now saying “We” which he means he if he becomes president will impose his policies on the local school districts. What happened to state rights?

Thomas Allen


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