Summit Daily letters: Keystone workforce housing project can’t come soon enough |

Summit Daily letters: Keystone workforce housing project can’t come soon enough

Wintergreen housing can’t come soon enough

I’m writing regarding the proposed Wintergreen workforce housing development. There is a countywide housing crisis and Vail Resorts and developer, Gorman & Co., are at the table with creative solutions to address this huge need, for which they should be applauded.

As a renter in Silverthorne, I’ve seen how crazy the market is and the need in this community for solutions right now. A new affordable housing development in Keystone will be a tremendous relief for folks in the Keystone area and in Summit County. More folks will be able to live where they work.

The Board of County Commissioners should also see the advantages of letting this project open up to any members of the Summit County workforce, creating a great opportunity to have this development serve residents in the entire county.

Ultimately, we need workforce housing. I applaud the efforts of the county to pursue every housing opportunity available, and I applaud Gorman & Co. and Vail Resorts for coming to the table with a great project. I encourage the county commissioners to support their application next Tuesday.

Cecilia Crawford


How to talk to conservatives

Re: Morgan Liddick’s May 8 column, “Bridging gaps between intellectual ghettoes.”

I love to debate conservatives. That is, when they aren’t running away from the results of their (failed) policies and from the wars they’ve either gotten us into or expanded once they’ve gotten into power. It’s been the neo-Cons which have recently sent so many into battle with ill-conceived goals and no plan for how hostilities will end. I think that we Americans would all be happier, wealthier and safer were more thought put into the armed conflicts into which we pour our voluntary military members’ blood and our treasure than simply in drawing up battle plans and yelling Geronimo!

I am always amazed how, when they run for office, conservatives all talk about shrinking government, as if a shrunken, central government can walk away from Social Security or our veterans, of which I am one. Yes, the federal government could leave things like food safety and the interstate highway system, the national electricity grid and defense up to each individual state. But, that would leave smaller states in the lurch and would bankrupt most large states. Aside from the economics involved, it would create chaos. More than this, it would be impractical. There are certain services that simply are better handled through a central, federal system. Point is that there is a limit to which our federal government can be shrunk without cracks of devastating proportions beginning to appear. Add to this one other phenomenon. Conservatives talk about those “tax and spend liberals,” but look who has ballooned national debt each time they come to power. Maybe we should pay them so much once they get elected.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can cut taxes, especially on the richest segment in America, and you can repeatedly tell the gullible that trickle-down economics works and that, by growing the labor force and the economy, it’ll grow tax revenues which will make up for the losses. However, aside from enriching the already rich, there, inevitably, are no upsides to these cuts except that the national debt swells, and the poor get drier (‘cause they don’t get trickled on).

I love to talk about the Social Weal with conservatives, especially the ones who claim to be compassionate. Recognizing that there certainly are limits to the benefits of any “welfare program,” still, let’s not make cuts to Meals on Wheels, and school lunch programs. Let’s build more schools and fewer jails, because the obverse of this is true: fewer, poorer schools usually lead to bigger, better jails … uh, which cost the public a fortune to maintain and the nation critical human potential.

I love to talk with conservatives, but so often all they’re interested in is hearing themselves talk. There is little if any room for dialogue and “compromise” is a word their vocabularies seem to lack. Mostly, when I engage with the conservatives I know, I can’t hear them because they’re shouting so loudly.

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman


Our banana republic on parade

How many more outrages must we accept from the Trump administration? Constant lies on the campaign trail, the smearing of entire races and religions, stealing health care from the neediest of our country, unraveling the protections of our environment, seeking to destroy our public parks, unbalanced foreign policies and a tax plan that only enriches his cronies. Now he’s assumed the mantle of a banana republic dictator by firing James Comey, the head of the FBI investigating Trump’s ties to Russia.

This cannot be allowed to stand. It is a direct attack against the rights of all Americans to have a transparent, accountable government. Our basic freedoms are being put at risk by a president who obviously has something to hide. Richard Nixon tried these same tactics in the 1970s and his actions led to a vote for his impeachment and resignation.

Trump supporters, please ask yourselves what you would have done if President Obama had fired Comey while the FBI was investigating Hillary Clinton’s email issues. You would have been infuriated by the interference of a sitting president into a lawful investigation. That is exactly what Trump has done here. Please, use your intellectual honesty and express that same anger here.

Contact our Senators Mike Bennett and (especially) Corey Gardner and Representative Jared Polis. Demand they take immediate action to investigate Trump and appoint a Special Prosecutor. Our democracy is at stake.

Garth Preuthun


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