Summit Daily letters: Liddick’s what-aboutism more concerned with political points than truth |

Summit Daily letters: Liddick’s what-aboutism more concerned with political points than truth

Morgan Liddick’s artful weaving of fact, opinion and omission nitpicks the process and obscures the big picture.

Robert Mueller is indeed charged with investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. Typically, with the Justice Department’s OK, these investigations are free to follow whatever leads they uncover. This investigation has so far produced guilty pleas and indictments and handed off other leads for prosecution by appropriate attorney generals. If it also bags a tax evader in a court of law, great!

Donald Trump is a confirmed liar, misogynist and bully. He questions his own security professionals (Helsinki) and asserts that dictators (Singapore) and racists (Charlottesville) are good people. He has added significantly to the federal deficit (though he has no monopoly on that) and most significantly, is destroying what little environmental progress the country and world has made in the past few decades.

I don’t know if there was collusion or not, but I trust Robert Mueller and our courts — imperfect as they may be — a lot more than Trump to provide an honest answer. Liddick seems more intent on scoring political points than finding out the truth.

Dave Newkirk


Julie McCluskie is the right choice for the state house

We support Julie McCluskie for the Colorado House of Representatives. She is a dedicated advocate for the people in our community and a leader who shares our values for strong public schools, better access to health care, and protecting our public lands and water.

Julie’s background in human resources and the hospitality industry, along with her husband’s small business, give her keen insight into the challenges we face with our local workforce shortages. She is connected to local families through the community partnerships she fosters for our local school system.

She is committed to our community and works hard to achieve positive change by serving on the boards of some of our key community partners, including The Summit Foundation, Advocates for Victims of Assault, Building Hope Summit County, CARE Council, Communities that Care and the Summit Combined Housing Authority Advisory Board. She announced her candidacy over a year ago so she could spend time getting to know the people living in the five counties of this district and better understand their hopes, needs and concerns. For example, she has attended multiple community housing meetings in Lake County to determine how the state might better help them address their housing crisis. It’s this investment of time in understanding local issues that makes Julie the right choice for Summit County and Colorado.

Susan Propper and Don Dankner


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