Summit Daily letters: Obama endorsement a kiss of death for McCluskie

Obama endorsement a kiss of death for McCluskie

I would like to offer my condolences to Julie McCluskie, liberal Democrat candidate for Colorado House District 61, for receiving the Kiss of Death endorsement from former President Obama yesterday. His failed statist Keynsian central planning philosophy is now squarely on her shoulders and is her political weight to bear. Do we really want Colorado to go the destructive Obama Way?

McCluskie also received the Political Death by Ignorance endorsement from columnist Susan Knopf, who supposedly won awards from Associated Press and United Press International for her news reporting but has difficulty putting two intelligent sentences together (see her guest columns in the Summit Daily News this past week).

These two endorsements from the crypt certainly cannot be welcome news for the inexperienced McCluskie who now has to shield herself from these incriminating leftist burdens. Colorado cannot afford more of the big government of Barack Obama and Jared Polis that she will implement.

The choice is very clear in House District 61. Julie McCluskie, the Democrat, wants more government regulation in immigration, the environment, tax increases and central planning. She is an elitist who thinks we the people are stupid and she can run our lives better than we can.

Mike Mason, the conservative Republican, is a Delta County hemp farmer, a stage 4 cancer survivor, a physicist/engineer and a guy who believes that less government is better government. He wants to enable individual Coloradans to succeed in their lives without government regulation and interference. He believes in personal responsibility, a clean environment like on his hemp farm, parental choice in education and lower taxes across the board.

Be an informed voter this November. Study the differences in these two candidates.

Kim McGahey



Summit County Republicans

Supporting Polis for his dedication to Colorado

Jared Polis has always fought for a stronger Colorado economy. From starting successful businesses that created hundreds of great, profit-sharing jobs in Colorado, to passing legislation to protect small businesses in Colorado: it’s clear that Jared Polis is the pro-jobs candidate who will ensure that our Colorado economy works for everyone.

Jared Polis has dedicated his life to making sure that others can have opportunities for success, prosperity, and happiness. He started several successful businesses, and instead of keeping most of the success and profit for himself, he made sure that every employee got their fair-share of the profits. Talk to anyone who knows or works with Jared, you’ll hear about how he invests in everyone else around him before thinking of himself. That’s a great quality to have in a governor, and it’s the very quality that drove Jared to create Patriot Bootcamp, a nonprofit that helps veterans and their families start their own businesses.

In Congress, Jared has ignored special interests and focused on the needs of the people: Colorado workers, small business owners, families, and veterans. He’s fought for bills that increase troop pay and veterans and military family benefits. He’s lead the effort to strengthen and protect our local Colorado economies and Colorado jobs.

Jared has the strong track record, bold commitment, and informed vision we need to make sure that Colorado’s economy stays strong for hardworking Coloradans across this state. For the bright future that everyone in Colorado deserves, vote for Jared Polis in November.

Sean Fox


Workforce housing system excludes some groups

When I voted for the tax increase to help fund workforce housing, I did not vote for teachers and county employees to be excluded or given lower priority in the process. But that’s what’s going on. Since the money was given to local jurisdictions to administer, each one is giving priority to people who work in their towns. Anyone who works in the only high school in the county or middle school are not included despite teaching all children from those towns. The same thing happens to any county employee who works on county land. I urge towns to treat school/county employees fairly before we lose them to high housing costs.

Jody Acres


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