Summit Daily letters: Only one choice in Summit County sheriff’s race

Only one choice in Summit County sheriff’s race

In the race for sheriff, there’s really only one choice and that’s Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons. I’ve worked with Jaime for the past couple of years on the Sheriff’s Advisory Committee, as well as the Summit County Animal Rescue Team and various charities and community causes. He’s an excellent sheriff, an extraordinary citizen and just a fine human being. I’ve never spoken with a single county employee who had anything but great things to say about him.

Conversely, I first met Derek Woodman at a Summit County Republicans meeting and it was evident to me that he’s just not right for our community. I gave Derek repeated opportunities to redeem himself and he failed being worthy of my reconsideration every time. I’ve heard him speak, read his writings and I’ve talked with him, or tried to. With Derek, talking is just not easy. His appalling and relentless attacks on our sheriff is completely unfounded and just plain mean-spirited. I’ve seen him carrying a grudge since the day he was fired from the sheriff’s department. Friends and neighbors, there’s simply no rational excuse for risking a change to a wild card like Derek Woodman when we have such a great sheriff and a well-managed, high-functioning department.

I just sent my ballot by FedEx to Summit County just to make sure it gets counted. I’m in Arizona on business and couldn’t make it back in time. Voting is that important to me. Please vote. Vote even if it’s inconvenient. And if you’re right there in the county, it’s so easy.

A vote for Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons is a vote for retaining the peace, safety and quality of life in our beautiful community.

Bill Way


Support for Sheriff Jaime FitzSimons

A change is needed in choosing a sheriff.

My wife and I have been asking the question: “Why is the county sheriff a political party-based election?” Either a person is qualified or they aren’t. The county manager could appoint a sheriff and replace the person immediately with a vote of “no confidence” if they aren’t up to the demands.

Or the manager could appoint two qualified candidates to run and they present their qualifications to the electorate. Why do we have politics involved in this position?

Just when you think the current race can’t sink any lower, it does.

I consider myself a moderate liberal. This means someone who is open to reasoned, logical discussions that may not agree with his own. Yes, there are still such animals. I am TOTALLY repelled by unsubstantiated rants and hyperbole.

The Woodman campaign must believe it is massively behind to result in this, as quoted in Friday’s SDN: “When I am elected sheriff, I will request the Colorado Bureau of Investigation determine if Jaime FitzSimons … lied or omitted information on his application for the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.” This is a page straight out of The Donald’s “lock her up” playbook. It worked for him. But it doesn’t play well in Summit County. I have faith that the electorate here is far smarter than falling for a desperate roll of the political dice at the 11th hour of an election.

As a military officer, I strove day in and out to present a level, reasoned demeanor in working with my subordinates so they always knew how I would react. Derek Woodman may have been a fine undersheriff, but I am now convinced he doesn’t have the temperament to be “The Man” 365/24/7. My mind is now settled. I’m voting for Jaime FitzSimons. And may we never see such an election in Summit County ever again. We should expect better than this.

Chris Dorton


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