Summit Daily letters: Peregrine chick brings Summit County together |

Summit Daily letters: Peregrine chick brings Summit County together

Peregrine chick brings us together

I was coming home on Highway 9 on the Blue River Parkway when I noticed the car in front of me making a U turn in front of the Eagles Nest intersection. In the middle of the highway was a new peregrine. Apparently it’s first flight was not a success and the chick was vulnerable to oncoming traffic. A bunch of us stopped our cars and blocked traffic around the chick, protecting it from harm. We didn’t ask if we were Republicans, Democrats or Independents. We had one common purpose and that was to protect our common good and make sure that the chick was protected until it was able to be reunited with its parents. For at least 30 minutes Summit County drivers circled around the chick until it was able to regain flight. If we can do that for a baby peregrine, it give me hope that we can once again come together as a nation to create an opportunity that promotes the general welfare for common good and the benefit of the entire nation. If we can do that in Summit County locally, we can create a pilot for the rest of the nation. Isn’t it wonderful to live in Summit County and would’t it be nice to be together again?

Carl M. Birkelbach


Julie McCluskie deserves your vote

This letter is in response to the Aug. 3 letter to the editor entitled “Obama endorsement a kiss of death for McCluskie.” I believe strongly in researching the candidates themselves, their character, abilities and experience, and in voting for those I feel will do the best job in the position, regardless of party affiliation or endorsements. I can tell you that Julie McCluskie has the character, abilities and experience to be an excellent representative for us in House District 61.

The letter writer said about Julie McCluskie that, “She is an elitist who thinks we the people are stupid and she can run our lives better than we can.” That is a blatant lie and unfounded insult. I know Julie. I have heard her speak, I have watched her converse with other citizens in House District 61, and I have talked to her one-on-one myself. Julie McCluskie is the least elitist person I know. She is compassionate and listens carefully to people of all backgrounds, ages/sexes, colors and party affiliations as they describe their challenges and how they want their state representative to help. Her passion is to do just that, to serve the people of our district. Unlike many politicians, Julie is not motivated by greed or hunger for power or acclaim. Her goal is to learn from people who live all over the district how she can best help them. She truly lives to serve, as evidenced by both the way she is conducting her campaign and by her past work.

Julie McCluskie has spent a decade in the Summit School District, working to make sure all of your children can learn and achieve in a safe, caring and respectful environment. Her experience as communications director there and in working for former Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia has given her the abilities needed to collaborate and problem-solve with people from a variety of backgrounds. She believes in working with every stakeholder, regardless of party line, to get things done and solve problems. Even while busily working as a leader, collaborator and advocate for our children’ educations, Julie has the compassion for others to serve as a board member for The Summit Foundation, Advocates for Victims of Assault and Building Hope. She truly believes in bettering lives in Summit County and will do the same thing for House District 61 when she is elected.

Julie McCluskie has earned my vote, and I’m sure that when you research her background, and especially if you get the chance to hear her speak or to talk to her one-on-one while she listens compassionately to your concerns, she will earn your vote, too. As I said, she has the character, abilities and experience to be a hard-working representative for all of us in House District 61.

Beth Groundwater


Polis ready to take on health care issue

Health care is a top issue in Colorado and for good reason. Nearly everyone in our state struggles to find a health care plan that works for their health needs and their budget. Especially in rural communities, families struggle to pay the expensive costs of health insurance premiums for health care that sometimes takes hours to reach by car.

Walker Stapleton wants to cut Medicaid, decrease regulations, give insurance companies the ability to deny you coverage and run high-cost premium monopolies in our rural communities.

Jared Polis has worked on health care policy for over a decade and will bring community leaders and health care experts together to solve the toughest health care issues Colorado faces. Jared will enact Family Paid Medical Leave, address mental health issues, confront the opioid crisis, lower the cost of medications and will make sure that Coloradans have options for high-quality, affordable health care in every county.

Jared’s running mate, Dianne Primavera is a former state Representative who served for eight years working on health care issues. She’s a four-time cancer survivor and the current CEO of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Jared and Dianne represent the strong potential our state has to take on the toughest health care issues in Colorado.

If we elect Jared and Dianne this November, we will be choosing leaders with the best experience, vision and ability to make Colorado’s health care system work for the people, not the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. For affordable, high-quality health care: vote for Polis-Primavera this November.

Wil Hubbard


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