Summit Daily letters: Reactions to ‘President Trump, the enemy is not us’ |

Summit Daily letters: Reactions to ‘President Trump, the enemy is not us’

Reactions to ‘President Trump, the enemy is not us

Thank you for your editorial. Unfortunately “We are not the enemy” can be said about many things happening in our communities, country and the world, both right now and in times past. I appreciate your viewpoint.

This country was built on freedom of speech. How often has it been said that just because it’s on the internet doesn’t make it true. Or, how about, don’t believe everything your Uncle “Ernie” tells you. Yet in these statements there is often a nugget of truth. Not all news is fake news nor is everything the president says true. Let’s all step back from the “fake news” comments. Leave the name-calling and the bullying behind. Let’s become the adults we are meant to be and listen to all sides of the story. Instead of immediately shutting off our minds to think all news is fake or everything from a political party (whichever side you support) is true, remember that normally there’s a nugget of truth in there somewhere, whether we wish to believe it or not.

As individuals we need to start listening and making our own decisions. That includes chucking the bullying and name-calling which make enemies where none existed. In my opinion, name-calling and bullying by our president, or any head of state of any country lacks all professionalism and truth. Let’s focus on doing our job to the highest standards of our given professions. We’d all be in a better place if we did so.

Also, I would like to thank you for the news from Summit County. As a Pennsylvania resident who attempts to make an annual week-long pilgrimage to the area, I enjoy the digital copy to keep current on the local happenings. Great job to all those people that make the Summit Daily a great local daily!

Diana Bailey

Wexford, Pennsylvania


Good article on “anti-media” rhetoric. As an economist (now retired) and media spokesperson, I’ve been writing and speaking on this topic for four decades.

It is undeniable that the media has lost its proper perspective on most topics. America relies upon a free press, but also an accurate and balanced one.

There has been a significant downward slide in accuracy and honesty, and it is difficult to find any media discussion without noting a bias that is far from neutral.

Trump has had intense media scrutiny for most of his life, primarily from a left-biased press that gave him high accolades for his resurrecting blighted neighborhoods, revitalizing inner cities, providing high paying jobs for women and minorities and occasionally getting critiqued for his billionaire playboy lifestyle. The Hollywood media also loved Trump for his high TV ratings and publicity events.

Yet the media turned viciously and deceitfully belligerent against Trump as soon as he decided to enter politics with an “R” after his name. No president has ever had the media turn so negative, while ignoring his incredibly positive achievements for the entire nation.

Perhaps Trump should act more “gentlemanly” as president, but we saw the previous 2012 Gentleman (Romney) also get fried by the far left-biased press.

Most of the media has earned its title of Fake News, and until accuracy and ethics are restored in the media, it is unreasonable to expect Trump to cease using these labels.

Gary Meyers


Allowing hate to flourish

Among other vicious and racially charged remarks, Donald Trump has referred to Mexicans as rapists and Muslims as terrorists. I don’t want such a person coaching my kid’s little league team, let alone our country. And yet, people continue to follow Trump, including GOP candidates in Colorado. It’s time to put an end to both discriminatory language and prejudicial behavior in 1,000 ways, including voting against such candidates.

In a recent letter to the Summit Daily, HD 61 candidate Mike Mason tried to place blame on the current state of affairs by claiming the Democratic Party began the KKK. What’s ironic in Mike’s point is that he seems to offer this piece of trivia as if to claim a moral high ground. Mike, and other GOP candidates like him, are missing the point — it’s the blind, cult-like followers of Donald Trump who’ve allowed the alt-right to thrive. In the 10 days following Trump’s “win,” the Southern Poverty Law Center reported 900 racially charged crimes and the FBI reported a 19 percent increase in hate crimes. This past week was the one-year anniversary of the white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville, where neo-Nazis stormed the city, hurting and killing in the name of white power. Trump and the candidates who follow him have not only divided our country but have allowed hate to thrive. Those in support are backing violence and cruelty.

Racist, misogynistic and homophobic candidates who blindly follow Trump are not who I will be voting for this November. You?

Carrie Brown-Wolf


Alzheimer’s disease deserves our attention

The human toll of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia is obvious. In Colorado alone, 71,000 people are living with it and 247,000 Coloradans are providing informal (unpaid) care for someone with it. I know the human toll of Alzheimer’s well because my parents gave up 10 years of their lives as caregivers. Missing graduation, funerals, births and weddings were the least of their struggles at that time.

According to the 2017 Alzheimer’s Disease Facts and Figures, it’s the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. and the only one with no way to prevent, cure or slow its progression. Deaths from Alzheimer’s nearly doubled in the last 14 years. The report also revealed that Alzheimer’s-related costs soared to $259 billion in 2017, and two-thirds of that cost is borne by Medicare and Medicaid. This number will only grow as more Americans age and are more at-risk for developing Alzheimer’s.

To address this crisis, Congress must act. I’m calling on Congressman Jared Polis to cosponsor the BOLD Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act today. It would establish Centers of Excellence to expand and promote innovative and effective interventions, including promoting early detection and diagnosis and preventing avoidable hospitalizations. Colorado’s Alzheimer’s families, like mine, need you to take action today!

Meaghan Ziegler

Practice Manager

Ebert Family Clinic


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