Summit Daily letters: Salute our students for taking action on gun control |

Summit Daily letters: Salute our students for taking action on gun control

Salute our students for taking action on gun control

Yay Summit students for honoring and taking part in the nationwide protest for more gun control! I’m so impressed with the courage you (and almost every other student in the country) has shown standing up to an idle government. If anyone can bring about change, it’s you guys! To Priya Subberwal and the other members of “People Power,” I so admire what you are doing. The event you organized with a mass sit-in and note writing was very creative and effective. May your commitment to change achieve success by creating a stance against those organizations (NRA) bribing our elected “representatives” to twist the Second Amendment to gain power over us.

To those opposing gun control, I have yet to read a valid argument for putting an assault rifle in the hands of a teenager (that is not what the Second Amendment is about). It’s scary enough having a 16-year-old behind the wheel of a car even with a year long process with learning permits, classes and tight restrictions. Mr. “I don’t want to be identified” (opposition protester quoted), does the wild west of the 1800s appeal to you where guns were used to settle all disputes?

Kim McGahey, in regards to arming teachers, for just a moment visualize and put yourself into a teacher’s position committed to protecting children as an active shooter enters the school. In the 60 seconds of murdering chaos that would ensue (as noted by the marines interviewed regarding dealing with a shooter), you would have to first find your classroom gun and clip, corral your students to a designated hiding place in silence remembering who’s in the bathroom, comfort the hysterics, lock your room and step out into the firing line with enough wherewithal to calmly point and shoot with possibly other students around and not miss while he is aiming an assault rifle at you. Hmmm. As a teacher myself, I (and most if not all of my colleagues) would be more inclined to use my body to shield your child and the others. Let’s put party differences aside and think of our kids. May they live to do great things that we as adults may not be able to.

Martha Herwehe


Still puzzled over parking

I’ve been reading the articles concerning the parking garage in Breck and scratching my head over the whole situation. I was under the impression that the town wanted to do something to reduce congestion, especially on weekend mornings and afternoons, but I cannot see a parking garage on either of the sites listed in the most recent article, either F lot or Tiger Dredge, accomplishing that. It wouldn’t help putting it in one of the gondola lots, either. Any of those sights would more than likely bring more cars into town, and create more of a problem rather than less. It seems that dealing with congestion isn’t really a concern.

The solution would seem to be to put the structure out on Airport Road, where the current free lot is, and bus skiers and riders into town from there. But I get the impression that the underlying and unspoken element to the debate is to keep people and their cars in town, regardless of the traffic tie-ups that ensue, so they might possibly spend their money in the bars and restaurants rather than simply sitting in traffic.

Bruce Trigg


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