Summit Daily letters: SCRAP and recycling support |

Summit Daily letters: SCRAP and recycling support

SCRAP and recycling support

Having participated in local recycling crisis discussions and reading about the local temporary solutions, I would like to add another perspective. Recycling in Summit County is more than just a “Badge of Honor,” but a community responsibility that needs to continue and flourish. To saddle our landfill (SCRAP) with the fiscal burden of sole financial support of that effort is overly optimistic and unrealistic. It should also be noted that the county drop-off sites are convenient, effective (although single-stream technology would be even better) and an integral aspect of the recycling program. It is also a fact that some county residents do not pay for refuse pick-up service, but are patrons of the recycling centers.

It is discouraging to see most of the towns of the county forcing private enterprise (the haulers) how they run their businesses in the form of dictating that they must use SCRAP as the sole destination for trash. It seems certain that carters’ increased cost of operation will be passed on to their customer base.

Given this situation I think it would be more sustainable, and fair, that county-wide recycling be supported by (additional) tax revenue, both residential and commercial. Residents have clearly indicated their inclination to pay (more) for a successful and sustainable recycling program. Additionally, incentives, through licensing fees, could be offered to carters using SCRAP to maximize the facility’s bottom line.

Ira Tane


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