Summit Daily letters: Shame on you, town of Breck |

Summit Daily letters: Shame on you, town of Breck

Shame on you, town of Breck

I went to buy my parking pass for the North Gondola lot for this ski season. Talk about sticker shock. 2017 the parking pass was $219. Now the town of Breck is charging $299. Really! A 36.5 percent increase.

A bit excessive don’t you think? The town of Breck is now responsible for the parking lots, not Vail.

In addition to the outrageous price increase, to make matters worse no longer is there a parking attendant to greet you. Now you see signage to use the parking kiosks. 

Everything has gone electronic. You have removed every personal interaction. It used to mean something when someone welcomed you and told you to have a great day and thanked you for visiting Breck. Not any more. 

There are only eight parking kiosks in the North Gondola lot. One was covered, meaning it was non-operational. Does the town of Breck think eight kiosks will accommodate all the skiers in this parking lot.

This morning all kiosks had lines. People expressing their disgust. Not a pleasant experience to start your day.

Don’t blame Vail for this for this bad decision. Perhaps those who made this decision should be placed at the forefront to witness the lines and the frustration. I just hope Breck rethinks this bad decision sooner then later.

P.S. I am sure the town of Breck can afford to hire people to help those that need help with the kiosks. And by the way could the town at least put up a ski rack so we have somewhere to place our equipment besides the ground when paying for parking.

Sharon Skavlem


Make America rake again

Hear Ye Hear Ye!!! Calling all people with rakes. We need to heed the call of the president and rake the forest floors to prevent future forest fires. The White River National Forest is only 2.3 million acres — a piece of cake. Come out Morgan Liddick, all you climate change deniers, and far right conservatives and lend a hand to clear the forest floor — your president calls you!

Truly I pray to the gods to free Donald Trump from ignorance, hatred and intolerance and particularly ignorance in this case.

Kari Kronborg


Putting beetle kill to better use?

Each year since we moved to Summit County, there have been pile burns. While I appreciate the need to rid the forests of beetle kill pine, I can’t help wondering if there might be someway for people to utilize the logs in heating their homes. Surely, there are people who heat with wood and could make use of this valuable but wasted resource. Just saying.

Shari Dorton


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