Summit Daily letters: Stepping back from the media frenzy |

Summit Daily letters: Stepping back from the media frenzy

Greed trumps respect for community, physicians

When we moved fulltime to Summit County over a decade ago, we quickly learned that the finest and most trustworthy orthopedic care we would receive came from the outstanding surgeons and staff at VSO. The patient-doctor relationships formed since that time have exceeded our expectations and are based on two total knee replacements, broken wrists and ankles and potentially debilitating back pain. We are shocked and sorely disappointed by the recent disclosure of action on the part of Centura Health and St. Anthony Summit. Their apparent blatant disregard for the 30+ years of outstanding care provided to our community and visitors by VSO can only be driven by greed and a detached corporate mindset. Shameful! It truly has shaken our confidence about other decisions Centura is making that will impact quality of care and quality of life here in Summit County.

Susan and Bob Turner


Deeds, not words, are what matter most

I wish to thank Rabbi Joel R. Schartzman for his comments in Saturday’s SDN. His statements should be taken to heart by every voter in November.

In the same issue, there was an article about a Vail native, Amanda Gray, now serving in Submarine Group Nine. I’m going to take some poetic license with a statement by its commander Rear Adm. Blake Converse, regarding the most vital component of the sailors in his command.

Our politicians at all levels should embody, my words, “The fundamental values of honor, courage and sacrifice that are the bedrock of our republic,” his words.

My mother used to say, “I’m not concerned with what you say. I’m watching what you do.”

Let’s carefully watch what those running for public office do between now and Election Day. And as the good rabbi suggests lets vote accordingly.

Chris Dorton


Stepping back from the media frenzy

Garnett Payne: Thank you for your letter, and thank you Summit Daily News for publishing the letter. As a 25-year, full-time resident of Summit County I have appreciated having the paper to keep us up to date on the happenings in Summit County, and the fact that it is “free” and you can access it electronically is another benefit. Thank you very much! When it comes to the editorials and opinion pieces, I, like Ms. Payne, wished the SDN would use a broader range of columnists and more prudence when selecting the articles you run, but I realized long ago that is probably not going to happen anytime soon.

To say that the political demographics of Summit County would lead to a “left of center conclusion,” I think would be reasonable, and the fact that most of Summit Daily’s revenue comes from advertisements, I would want to make sure I was not destroying the hand that feeds me and would hopefully choose wisely.

It’s unfortunate, but that’s the world we live in. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Boston Globe, New York Times, etc. have all chosen medial paths that appeal to their constituents and keep their “ratings” to a point that their advertising revenue allows them to stay in business. With the added pressure of social media, where many people think they can be informed in 140 characters, and the competition of the 24/7 cable news, it is difficult at best for the print media to be the journalists that they once were. The one thing President Trump has done for me is opened my eyes as how corrupt people in power can be, and will do almost anything to retain that power. Trump can’t be bought, and the power brokers will not come to grips with this phenomenon. I wish we could get back to reporting the “truthful facts” and letting the reader or listener form their own conclusions, but I’m skeptical with so much money and power involved. In the meantime hopefully enough of the people of this great country can step back from the media frenzy and discern the facts as the really are, which will lead to honest dialogue and communication, problem resolution, and civility in our society. It’s OK to disagree!

Chuck Abrams


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