Summit Daily letters: Support McCluskie, FitzSimons and Amendment 74 |

Summit Daily letters: Support McCluskie, FitzSimons and Amendment 74

Support McCluskie and FitzSimons

Since this is a non-presidential-year election, which traditionally have lower participation rates, there are many important contests, from governor down to our local sheriff, and several ballot measures of varying importance. In a sense, because of the lower expected turnout, your vote counts more than it normally would, so if you care to have a voice, this is your opportunity — get out and vote!

For a Summit County resident, there are some especially important local contests. For our state representative, where Julie McCluskie is the clear choice, and has received the endorsement of the Summit Daily, which has a history of reluctance to endorse candidates.

The contest for sheriff features an opportunity to allow voters to put aside politics when an incumbent does an outstanding job. By any measure, Jaime FitzSimons has been a total success in his term as sheriff, and deserves another term. His achievements in dealing with the opioid crisis, suicide prevention, school safety and medical care programs for both inmates and deputies are well documented. In a world where performance matters more than politics, this wouldn’t even be a contested election. Unfortunately, party politics has reared its unsurprisingly ugly head in this race, and his opponent is trying to harp on peripheral issues, totally unrelated to Jaime’s performance successes, in an effort to get a victory for their party. I found it particularly disturbing to see Mr. Woodman’s entourage parading down Main Street in Frisco on the Fourth of July with a giant cardboard cutout of Donald Trump. I believe it speaks volumes about the integrity of their campaign. They must have forgotten that Mr. Trump lost in Summit County by 28 percent.

I am confident that Summit County voters, regardless of party, understand that performance matters, and Jaime’s performance has been top-notch. Jaime FitzSimons has earned your vote, and I urge you to return him to office for another term.

Robert J. Arnove


Vote yes on Amendment 74

As a private property owner in Summit County I have had first hand experience dealing with our local government in this area.

Twenty years ago our local government handed over our private property to Vail Resorts for drainage of their new golf course. Why? Because the new developed golf course had changed historic water flows, which raised the water table and flooded our home, which devalued our property immensely. The county would not enforce their own drainage codes, which is you cannot change the historic water flow, so they allowed Vail Associates to form a new water flow which was of water flowing through our property, under our house, in our house and in several neighborhood yards, but none were as severely damaged as our property. Since the county would not protect us by enforcing their drainage codes we had to sue Vail Associates. It came out in our trial that both Summit County and Vail had done illegal activities against our private property. After we settled with Vail Associates, we filed a lawsuit against Summit County only to have the local judge dismiss it, not letting it go to trial even though it came out in our trial Summit County did illegal activities against our property (so much for the robust protections in place that safeguard our rights).

It is very very difficult to sue City Hall. Protect private property owners’ rights by voting yes on amendment 74.

If you want to know how the water now drains off the golf course, it goes through a long pipe under the road and into Lake Dillon.

Janet Bierbaum


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